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  • Pain: Feeling, emotion, disease or symptom?

    Chronic pain is a major source of human suffering. But what is pain and how do you experience it? Researchers, philosophers, psychologists and doctors have wrapped their minds around pain over the centuries. Is it a passion, an emotional state or a disease? The attempt to understand pain and find an appropriate response to it is one of the oldest challenges in the history of medicine.
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  • Nitrogen: an air pollutant or important and useful?

    In the last few weeks there has been a lot of excitement around nitrogen. The protests of farmers and builders have once again brought this topic into the public eye. However, nitrogen has two faces! It is more than just an environmental and health problem. It is an indispensable nutrient for all living things, found in air, water, soil, plants and animals. Nitrogen is thus a basic building block of nature. A human being weighing 70 kg has 2 kg of nitrogen in his body. Continue reading

  • Halloween: not only trick or treat!

    All Hallows Eve: Halloween. In modern, consumer culture, it is often portrayed as a horror party with an abundance of food and sweets: "Trick or treat." It is actually an old Celtic celebration from the time when people were self-sufficient, thanking their ancestors and the earth for the past year. And in the meantime?… .. Wicked spirits were deceived and kept at bay! Continue reading

  • Autumn blues

    Autumn has now begun. It is actually the only one of the four seasons that polarizes. Many people enjoy autumn while collecting chestnuts, drying leaves and long walks through the rustling leaves. However, there are also people who do not like the transition to winter at all. They feel the nasty, cold, damp darkness practically in every cell. Many people experience the so-called autumn blues. Sunlight, or rather the shortage of it forms the basis of this malaise. Continue reading

  • Quinces: The forgotten fruit!

    Do you know quinces? No? It's time to change that! The yellow fruits are both culinary and healthy.

    Quinces have been forgotten for years. Our great-grandmothers still regularly made quince jam, and appreciated the special fruit. Today, the quince is rather unknown. But now slowly comes back in everyone's mouth. Even in ancient times, quince were known for their health effects and were used as a remedy for indigestion, colds and dermatitis. We will show you what's in the quince and why you should pay more attention to it.  Continue reading

  • Why do yogis eat mountain tar?

    Shilajit is a natural and nutrient-rich biomass obtained as a thick black tar-like substance from the rocks in the Himalayas. Shilajit contains a wide range of -over 6,500 different species of ancient plants- unique and bioactive components that support numerous body functions. Read on and discover the mystery of the 'black tar' from the Himalayas.

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  • Contaminated curcumin: You would not swallow petroleum, would you?

    For decades curcuma has been at the top of the lists of various scientific disciplines. But beware: it has been shown - by branch organizations as well as the University of Georgia - that there are manufacturers that supplement their 'natural' curcumin products with synthetic curcuma. This synthetic variant derives from a petroleum-based substance and is more than one third cheaper. Counterfeiting had been occurring for some time, but this had hitherto mainly involved starch and dye. We discuss all ins and outs below: because not every supplement is created equal! Continue reading

  • Everything has a rhythm .... and the Pentagon is on tapping along

    The Pentagon has a new toy: a laser that can identify people at a 200-meter distance—based on their heart rate. Yet another reason to take good care of this precious organ of yours. If they start scanning, better look good! Continue reading

  • Post-holiday blues? Balance your belly! PART 2

    In our previous blog we wrote about the importance of optimal intestinal health, in particular the role that prebiotics may play in this. Because in response we received many questions - especially about the galacto-oligosaccharides (B-GOS) –we take a closer look below at the role of prebiotics, B-GOS -- and what this all could possibly mean for you. Continue reading

  • Post-holiday blues? Balance your belly! PART 1

    Most of us are all too familiar with the pangs of holiday stress. Check that travel insurance at the last minute, quickly drop in at the drugstore for sunscreen and anti-diarrhea pills, say goodbye to family, check the oil of your car, and complete the final tasks at work. But did you know that you can expect a great deal of stress coming back from your trip? Add that to those holiday meals ... and you can really feel it in your stomach!

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