June 2015

  1. Why should I take supplements?

    Why should I take supplements?
    waarom-moet-je-voedingssupplementen-nemenToday many people take supplements. One chooses vitamin D3, another craves krill oil capsules, and yet another multivitamins. But why? And do they work? Continue reading →
  2. Cod liver oil: Super-fat!

    Cod liver oil: Super-fat!
    ergomax-wat-is-levertraanBy: Toine Wilke, Dutch nutritionist, biochemist and seaweed expert. Many people believe that cod liver oil is made from whales and regard it as the stinking stuff they know their parents and grandparents took to get them through the fall and winter. But cod liver oil is not old-fashioned, it has, in fact, never gone out of style. The richness of nutrients remain an excellent addition to our Western diet. Continue reading →

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