April 2016

  1. What is Agmatine Sulfate?

    What is Agmatine Sulfate?
    All active ingredients present in food supplements are interesting and have their specific use. At rare times, the value of some supplement is underestimated even by researchers. If you happen to be familiar with the research on Agmatine, then you may agree that the latter is such a supplement. In fact, Agmatine sulfate is one of those special substances that many may not have heard of. Continue reading →
  2. Fish oil: friend or foe? Part 2

    Fish oil: friend or foe? Part 2
    The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids In our previous blogpost we explained how slowly researchers came to the realization that omega-3 fats play a vital role in our body. Below we explain why we are no fans of omega-3 fish oil products, and, therefore, do not sell them. Our advice here is to get the most out of eating fish or shellfish. Should this cause problems, krill oil is your best bet. Continue reading →
  3. Fish oil: friend or foe? Part 1

    Fish oil: friend or foe? Part 1
    The love-hate relationship with omega-3 fatty acids That fish-borne omega-3 fatty acids are important has been well-known. However, this has not always been the case. For her book The Queen of Fats science writer Susan Allport dived in the history of the love-hate relationship we developed with omega-3 fatty acids. Continue reading →
  4. Improve your sleep: 4 tricks

    Improve your sleep: 4 tricks
    Dark therapy is free and suitable for everyone Nowadays there are treatments for just about everything. What has happened with us human beings? Well, indeed just about everything. This is why we have sandpit therapy for people who cannot communicate, re-birthing therapy to process trauma, and snake massage therapy for relaxation and pain relief. Many of these treatments sit on the "alternative" shelf, even if they sometimes have a proven effectiveness. Scototherapie, or Dark Therapy, for instance, is not a strange form of therapy but actually a quite logical and proven system of sleep improvement. Continue reading →

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