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Monthly Archives: February 2019

  • Lawsuit: Glyphosate destroys healthy gut microbiome

    The soap opera, or melodrama, around glyphosate continues. The Guardian recently published an article based on a large scientific study showing that people exposed to substantive amounts of glyphosate are 41 percent more likely to develop non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. A Dutch investigate collective, Follow The Money, took things a step further and revealed that Monsanto abandoned Dutch research into glyphosate when it produced 'unacceptable' results. As (organic) icing on the cake, it appears from a publication by Bloomberg that a lawsuit has been filed because the pesticide would kill the human healthy gut microbiome—something Monsanto has always denied.

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  • Breastmilk sugars for your intestinal flora

    We all know that breastmilk is healthy for babies. It is the best basis you can give them. As nature intends: in terms of nutrients, immune system and intestinal flora. I had no idea, however, that specific breastmilk sugars can benefit my adult intestinal flora as well.

    I was therefore a bit skeptical when Ergomax asked me whether I wanted to test their latest product; 2'-Fucosyllactose . My first reaction: "Fuco-what??". I had no idea what it was. So I decided to dive in and test it myself. My conclusion? It really works, and it can be really worth taking it! Why? I'll explain below.

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  • Black noodles, or naked and fertile: It's Valentine's Day!

    That it's almost Valentine's Day will have escaped few. A familiar complaint today is that the tradition lacks character for having become far too commercialized. Nevertheless, for many people it remains the perfect day to treat your loved one(s), including yourself, with something special.

    Over the centuries, the festival has received many different faces and various myths have sprung up around this special 'Day of Love'. But what do black noodles have to do with Valentine's Day?

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  • Plankton oil: wax esters, durable and no poison accumulation!

    Plankton oil or Calanus oil consists of a natural extract of the Calanus finmarchicus. This is a small (3-5 mm) lobster species from the Calanidae family. These animals are part of the zooplankton sitting at the beginning of the food chain and are found in large quantities in the Arctic Ocean. Calanus finmarchicus contains valuable and unique omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, there is no accumulation of toxins and the process of harvesting is very energy-efficient.
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