October 2019

  1. Halloween: not only trick or treat!

    Halloween: not only trick or treat!
    All Hallows Eve: Halloween. In modern, consumer culture, it is often portrayed as a horror party with an abundance of food and sweets: "Trick or treat." It is actually an old Celtic celebration from the time when people were self-sufficient, thanking their ancestors and the earth for the past year. And in the meantime?… .. Wicked spirits were deceived and kept at bay! Continue reading →
  2. Autumn blues

    Autumn blues
    Autumn has now begun. It is actually the only one of the four seasons that polarizes. Many people enjoy autumn while collecting chestnuts, drying leaves and long walks through the rustling leaves. However, there are also people who do not like the transition to winter at all. They feel the nasty, cold, damp darkness practically in every cell. Many people experience the so-called autumn blues. Sunlight, or rather the shortage of it forms the basis of this malaise. Continue reading →
  3. Quinces: The forgotten fruit!

    Quinces: The forgotten fruit!
    Do you know quinces? No? It's time to change that! The yellow fruits are both culinary and healthy. Quinces have been forgotten for years. Our great-grandmothers still regularly made quince jam, and appreciated the special fruit. Today, the quince is rather unknown. But now slowly comes back in everyone's mouth. Even in ancient times, quince were known for their health effects and were used as a remedy for indigestion, colds and dermatitis. We will show you what's in the quince and why you should pay more attention to it.  Continue reading →

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