November 2019

  1. Happy International Men’s Day!

    Happy International Men’s Day!
    International Men’s Day is celebrated annually on 19 November. The date is the birthday of the father of Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, a Trinidad and Tobago doctor who relaunched International Men’s Day in 1999. The aim of International Men’s Day is to celebrate positive male role models and to raise awareness of men’s issues ranging widely from health and mental health to gender-specific challenges related to (grand)fathering, cultural masculinity codes, and healthy aging. This year’s inclusive theme is: "Making a Difference for Men and Boys". Continue reading →
  2. Pain: Feeling, emotion, disease or symptom?

    Pain: Feeling, emotion, disease or symptom?
    Chronic pain is a major source of human suffering. But what is pain and how do you experience it? Researchers, philosophers, psychologists and doctors have wrapped their minds around pain over the centuries. Is it a passion, an emotional state or a disease? The attempt to understand pain and find an appropriate response to it is one of the oldest challenges in the history of medicine. Continue reading →
  3. Nitrogen: an air pollutant or important and useful?

    Nitrogen: an air pollutant or important and useful?
    In the last few weeks there has been a lot of excitement around nitrogen. The protests of farmers and builders have once again brought this topic into the public eye. However, nitrogen has two faces! It is more than just an environmental and health problem. It is an indispensable nutrient for all living things, found in air, water, soil, plants and animals. Nitrogen is thus a basic building block of nature. A human being weighing 70 kg has 2 kg of nitrogen in his body. Continue reading →

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