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  • Black noodles, or naked and fertile: It's Valentine's Day!

    That it's almost Valentine's Day will have escaped few. A familiar complaint today is that the tradition lacks character for having become far too commercialized. Nevertheless, for many people it remains the perfect day to treat your loved one(s), including yourself, with something special.

    Over the centuries, the festival has received many different faces and various myths have sprung up around this special 'Day of Love'. But what do black noodles have to do with Valentine's Day?

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  • Plankton oil: wax esters, durable and no poison accumulation!

    Plankton oil or Calanus oil consists of a natural extract of the Calanus finmarchicus. This is a small (3-5 mm) lobster species from the Calanidae family. These animals are part of the zooplankton sitting at the beginning of the food chain and are found in large quantities in the Arctic Ocean. Calanus finmarchicus contains valuable and unique omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, there is no accumulation of toxins and the process of harvesting is very energy-efficient.
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  • Bye, bye Blue Monday

    The new year has just started and the first ailments have already begun. In addition, all your good intentions do not seem to end up in a productive way. In short: Blue Monday. Of course you can not influence all factors of life, but you can choose consciously for good supplementation. Probably it eases 'the pain' a bit. We lend you a hand!
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  • Good intentions? This way you make 'em meaningful!

    Good intentions. How many times have you already had them? Countless times. Every year I thought about which things I should do better, like more exercise, eating healthier and losing a few pounds. But at the end of January everything was back to normal and little had changed.

    Can it be different? Hell yes! Of course! By looking at intentions in a different way. This will make it much easier and believe me: you will succeed. Let me explain it to you.... Continue reading

  • More, not less, salt!

    The Dutch are generally cited as eating too much salt. Together with Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, the Dutch Kidney Foundation organized the kick-off of the Eat Salt-Consciously Week on 10 January at the Dutch Horecava trade fair. Attendees could sample how tasty food with less salt is. The governing message this week, which received a lot of media attention, is that you can enjoy food with less salt—even in the hospitality industry. Continue reading

  • Home tests for adrenal fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue is a physical condition in which the body is out of balance due to prolonged stress. The ebb and flow of hormones has been affected. Continue reading

  • MegaFood® becomes the first entirely glyphosate-free supplement brand

    MegaFood announces that its entire product line is now certified Glyphosate Residue Free (GRF). Certification was granted by the Detox project, an independent research organization. MegaFood cooperated with the project and had all products tested by this independent party. Continue reading

  • Why we are MegaFood fans and why whole-food nutritional complexes are essential

    Why we are MegaFood fans and why whole-food nutritional complexes are essentia

    MegaFood home-produces vitamins and supplement ingredients from genuine food sources. Over 226,796 kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables are processed annually. However, the process is not as simple as grinding, drying and processing tablets. Continue reading

  • Optimizing your brain: 3 brain hacks

    Get hungry for a better functioning brain

    Fasting for better functioning brains? If you have ever fasted you may have noticed that you are mentally sharper. An appetite stimulating hormone produced in the stomach seems to stimulate the growth of new brain cells while also protecting the brain from aging. Continue reading

  • Liposomes, nutraceuticals, nootropics, extra virgin, and fermentation: What’s in a name?

    What is an adaptogen?

    An adaptogen is a substance that interacts with the body in a positive way to restore balance (homeostasis) in circumstances of stress. This reduces the effects of stress on the body, making it less taxing. Modulating stress affects various systems and functions in the body. These involve hormones, neurotransmitters, mood and sleep. Adaptogens are mostly herbs. The following three criteria are used to identify an adaptogen: Continue reading

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