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  • Pain: Feeling, emotion, disease or symptom?

    Chronic pain is a major source of human suffering. But what is pain and how do you experience it? Researchers, philosophers, psychologists and doctors have wrapped their minds around pain over the centuries. Is it a passion, an emotional state or a disease? The attempt to understand pain and find an appropriate response to it is one of the oldest challenges in the history of medicine.
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  • World Sleep Day: Healthy sleep, Healthy aging

    World Sleep Day, or 'Day of Sleep', this year is Friday, March 15. World Sleep Day is held every year on Friday before the week of Spring (or Vernal) Equinox: day and night are the same all over the world. World Sleep Day is intended as a celebration of sleep and a call to action for important issues related to sleep, including medicine use, education, social aspects and car driving.

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  • Breastmilk sugars for your intestinal flora

    We all know that breastmilk is healthy for babies. It is the best basis you can give them. As nature intends: in terms of nutrients, immune system and intestinal flora. I had no idea, however, that specific breastmilk sugars can benefit my adult intestinal flora as well.

    I was therefore a bit skeptical when Ergomax asked me whether I wanted to test their latest product; 2'-Fucosyllactose . My first reaction: "Fuco-what??". I had no idea what it was. So I decided to dive in and test it myself. My conclusion? It really works, and it can be really worth taking it! Why? I'll explain below.

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  • More, not less, salt!

    The Dutch are generally cited as eating too much salt. Together with Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, the Dutch Kidney Foundation organized the kick-off of the Eat Salt-Consciously Week on 10 January at the Dutch Horecava trade fair. Attendees could sample how tasty food with less salt is. The governing message this week, which received a lot of media attention, is that you can enjoy food with less salt—even in the hospitality industry. Continue reading

  • Optimizing your brain: 3 brain hacks

    Get hungry for a better functioning brain

    Fasting for better functioning brains? If you have ever fasted you may have noticed that you are mentally sharper. An appetite stimulating hormone produced in the stomach seems to stimulate the growth of new brain cells while also protecting the brain from aging. Continue reading

  • Reasons to eat more protein

    Proteins are so important for the body, your brain has developed special mechanisms that increase the desire for them. If you need more, the body is encouraged to eat more protein; if you've ingested enough the effect stops. These messages are so strong and persistent that they are difficult to control by willpower. Continue reading

  • Activate and optimize your endogenous cannabis system

    At Ergomax we love optimizing body and mind. There are differing points of view, methods, supplements and combinations that may have something to contribute. Because the body functions as a system of systems, thinking in terms of systems makes for a smart paradigm. Continue reading

  • Does your libido leave anything to be desired?

    Does your libido need a boost? Italians propose a simple life-hack: bright light. Continue reading

  • Vital, healthy and sexually active into the senior years: Learn from these Italian elderly

    In the areas surrounding Acciaroli, Italy, the local population on average reaches an extremely advanced age. This geographic spot, just below Naples, belongs to the so-called blue zones: areas where people on average live longer, healthier and happier lives than in other parts of the world. Japan’s Okinawa and Italy’s Sardinia, for example, are among these marked areas. Continue reading

  • The immune system: Moderator of your social life

    Spending time with friends and family is experienced as enjoyable by most people. It is not only enjoyable: social connectedness plays an important role in overall health and wellbeing. Continue reading

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