1. Seaweed, the ultimate vegetable

    Seaweed, the ultimate vegetable
    ergomax-zeewier-de-beste-groente             Seaweeds are up and coming. In addition to seaweed in the local Asian supermarket, nowadays you can buy seaweed salads, seaweed chips and even seaweed burgers. Continue reading →
  2. Cannabis, man’s best friend

    Cannabis, man’s best friend
    cannabis, de beste vriend van de mens ergomax           In obtaining information about the beneficial effects of cannabis it quickly becomes clear that this plant has a strong influence on the human body. It is quite unique that one plant can affect so many different parts of our body and mind. But how is this possible? How can one compound have such a wide range of effects? And if it is so powerful, how can it also be safe at the same time? Continue reading →

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