At Ergomax we are 100% sure of the quality and origin of OptiPEA®. We do not rely strictly on assurances from the manufacturer. We do trust actual certificates awarded by government agencies. To reflect this, as the only provider in the Netherlands, we offer a money-back guarantee on our palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) capsules.

Last week we introduced OptiPEA® in the Netherlands. We stress there is a clear divide between our PEA and other PEA products: only OptiPEA® meets GMP standards. The choice for you as a consumer has thus become much easier. If you are looking for a reliable PEA product without wanting to make any concessions concerning safety, quality and effectiveness, choose OptiPEA®.

What exactly is GMP?

The GMP production process is the basis of the success of OptiPEA®. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is about producing reliable products consistently. This requires meticulous documentation of manufacturing methods and conditions.

This starts off with specifically developed procedures and protocols to be followed throughout all preparation and production phases. All raw and intermediate materials, as well as finished products, are checked and results documented. This is to ensure one knows at all times how a product was put together, who tested it, and where, and what materials were being used. These strict control measures are unique to OptiPEA® and NO other PEA product can currently boost this standard. Ergomax PEA capsules therefore in a league of their own.

Always verify GMP and quality claims

In online marketing we regularly encounter unsubstantiated or otherwise misleading quality claims being made. Terms such as 'GMP' are often loosely and liberally used. Truth is that, as is concerned the quality of PEA products, the term is rarely justified. If you are not sure, or just curious, always ask for an official GMP certificate.

Actual differences


(*) PEA products available in Western Europe