You've probably heard of Dr Weston A. Price. This Canadian dentist (1870-1948) could tell by the state of people's teeth whether they were eating healthy or unhealthy. Price travelled the world to discover what comprised the diet of healthy people. He did a lot of research on natural populations. Green Pasture's thinking is based on these findings. We tell you all about it in this blog article.


  • Where Green Pasture meets Weston A. Price
  • The fantastic combination of fats, vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals
  • Vitamin-rich butter oil and cod liver oil
  • Why are some products fermented?
  • Why does the content differ from the produced batches?
  • Quality comes first
  • Green Pasture: for body and soul

Where Green Pasture meets Weston A. Price

After a long career in the steel industry, Dave Wetzel decided it was time to change tack. More time with family, working from passion and living closer to nature became the new principles. Together with his wife Barbara, Dave bought a grass-based dairy farm. Not long after, he attended a lecture by co-founder and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation Sally Fallon Morell. Sally spoke about vitamin-rich butter oil made from milk from cows grazing on fast-growing green grass. Dave realised his farm had a lot of potential and so the story of Green Pasture began.

The fantastic combination of fats, vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals

So what was so special about the diet of natural peoples? Dr Price discovered a great common denominator in their diet. They consumed at least 10 times more fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K than the average American at the time, and their diet was rich in minerals, mainly from animal sources. Price identified three animal superfoods with a high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals: raw milk, organ meats and fish. Price also identified a food digestive chain: fats - minerals - vitamins. In other words, fats are needed for mineral absorption and minerals are needed for vitamin absorption. Fats are thus clearly at the base. Price was therefore a pioneer in epigenetics and ahead of his time.

Vitamin-rich butter oil and cod liver oil

Fascinated by Dr Price's carefully documented observations on the numerous health benefits of butter oil, Dave and Barbara did not hesitate for a moment, deciding in 2003 to dedicate their excellent green pastures and entrepreneurial spirit to creating the product now called Concentrated Butter Oil. Another discovery made by Dr Price was that butter oil combined with cod liver oil gives powerful nutritional synergy. Dr Price's patients who consumed both oils simultaneously improved by leaps and bounds in their oral and overall physical health. So in 2007, Green Pasture's product line was expanded to include fermented cod liver oil and butter oil.

Why are some products fermented?

Green Pasture uses fermentation as a technique for various products. Fermentation is trendy again these days, but it is in fact an old technique. It makes foods last longer, it changes the flavour and it improves health value as nutrients become more accessible. Fermented foods mimic digestion from within and help the body absorb nutrients. Fermentation is also a good way to extract cod liver oil from fish. Green Pasture combines the traditional method with modern standards, creating a superior product with natural vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. In the case of cod liver oil, this also means that natural antixodants remain in the cod liver oil, which not only protect the product from oxidation, but also enter your body and make a beneficial contribution there.

Why does the content differ from the produced batches?

All Green Pasture products contain the natural vitamins and no synthetic additives. If you read the labels, you will see it mentioned: 'Fermented cod liver oil contains naturally occurring vitamins A and D' and 'the amounts of these nutrients may vary.' So this has everything to do with the fact that the ingredients are naturally pure. The fat-soluble vitamin content of fish oil is naturally variable when no synthetic vitamins are added. In fact, several factors determine the vitamin and nutritional profile of the oil, such as geographical factors, season and fish species. Green Pasture has therefore chosen to include estimated values of certain ingredients such as vitamin D. These values are close to the actual values and therefore say everything about the freshness of the fish and the oil!

Quality comes first

Dave and Barbara put quality first. The best and most sustainable raw materials are sourced for Green Pasture, such as sustainably wild-caught MSC-certified cod. The company also has impeccable production practices. Every step of the production process, from ocean to packaging, is tested by an independent party. Fermented cod liver oil has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification. And in recognition of this high quality, Green Pasture received Nebraska's Distinguished Entrepreneur Award in 2012.

Green Pasture: for body and soul

We are therefore proud to offer Green Pasture to you in our webshop and confidently recommend the products to you. For instance, with ingredients such as vitamins A and D that are important for your immune system and the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to support your brain. You can read all the product information and health benefits with the products on our website. Green Pasture offers full-body and mind support!