Ergomax is evolving; not only in size but also in what we stand for and what we believe in. Our former logo and slogan no longer reflected the latter. After much thought, sketching and working with designers we came up with a new draft late last year. The new logo has been reduced to a single hexagon with a geometric center. Everything in nature is built up from simple geometric patterns that are interwoven with molecular structures. In all their complexity and beauty, these patterns form the basis of all plants, animals and human beings. [caption id="attachment_722" align="aligncenter" width="787"]geschiedenis van onze logo's History of our logo.[/caption] Scientifically speaking, geometry is deeply connected with physics, because all biological particles and forces are manifestations of the exceptional geometry of the universe. Because we believe that the laws of physics, with those of biology, provide the basis (the ultrastructure) for sound health, we wanted them to be reflected in our logo: a geometric pattern in a molecular structure. To us, such patterns are also the symbols of durability because they are recycled between and within life processes. Your body consist of particles that once belonged to other earthy living beings. In addition to the new logo, we updated our slogan from "Premium Quality Supplements" to "Your Health. Our Mission." The new slogan is carefully chosen and expresses the essence of Ergomax’s focus: your health and our contribution to it. We believe everyone should be able to pursue her or his personal optimum and we gladly offer our expertise along the way. Read more about the origins of Ergomax and the philosophy that guides our company by clicking here. With a new logo and slogan come new product labels and a new website design. Check back over the coming weeks to see the updates! We’d be very interested in learning from your feedback!