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  • Cannabis, man’s best friend

    cannabis, de beste vriend van de mens ergomax






    In obtaining information about the beneficial effects of cannabis it quickly becomes clear that this plant has a strong influence on the human body. It is quite unique that one plant can affect so many different parts of our body and mind. But how is this possible? How can one compound have such a wide range of effects? And if it is so powerful, how can it also be safe at the same time? Continue reading

  • The Mozart Effect. A biohack for pain relief

    mozart effect pijn ergomax







    Music is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and has been used since the beginning of humankind to influence the body and mind in a positive way. The influence of music on the mental and physical condition has been described already in ancient Greece. Pythagoras, for example, was intrigued by the fact that people liked consonant sounds. He found that harmonic music works soothingly and dissolves ailments and sorrows of the mind, body and soul. Continue reading

  • Melatonin at 700 million years: On one of the oldest biologically active molecules








    As dusk sets and the dark night follows, these conditions set in motion a chain of molecular actions from your eyes to the pineal gland, necessary to stimulate the production of melatonin. Continue reading

  • Choosing Vitamins: Natural or Synthetic?

    There’s a big difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. Natural vitamins are extracted from whole food sources while synthetic vitamins are produced in a factory on the basis of purified raw materials. Natural vitamin extracts provide vitamins in forms that are recognized relatively easily by the body; they also contain essential cofactors that optimize performance and absorption. Synthetic vitamins, rather, come as isolated molecules bound together in artificially induced types of connections. Some of the latter compounds are not at all well-absorbed while others compounds are absorbed exceedingly well. Continue reading

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