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  1. Organic changes: Introducing the new Ergomax logo

    Organic changes: Introducing the new Ergomax logo
    Ergomax is evolving; not only in size but also in what we stand for and what we believe in. Our former logo and slogan no longer reflected the latter. After much thought, sketching and working with designers we came up with a new draft late last year. Continue reading →
  2. Vitamin D3 - information to consider

    Vitamin D3 - information to consider
    As humans, we often fall prey to myopia. We forget the complexities of life and nature and focus only on one solution. This is often the easiest option and when something is right for you, more of it is better! Does this also apply to vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 supplementation has unfortunately also fallen victim to this typically human way of thinking. Vitamin D3 seems to be the most universal supplement in the world. Everyone from the elderly to athletes and even newborn babies should be on vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is in our opinion a valuable supplement, but are super high doses useful, do they tell all the details and do we go beyond the complexity? Continue reading →
  3. The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 2

    The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 2
    anatomy-160524_1280Bacteria which naturally occur in the intestine are important for health, but recent studies have consistently shown that a modern lifestyle depletes the variety of microbes in the gut. How exactly lifestyle factors affect the diversity of the microbiome is not clear yet, but there are some important clues. Continue reading →
  4. The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 1

    The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 1
    koli-bacteria-123081_640Most cells in our body are not human, but microbial; the ratio of 'them' to 'us' is about 10:1. Disturbances of the interactions between host and the so-called microbiome, or simply biome, can lead to disruptions of a healthy balance. Indeed, the nature and variety of bacteria in our intestines seem to have a profound impact on many aspects of our health. Continue reading →
  5. Why should I take supplements?

    Why should I take supplements?
    waarom-moet-je-voedingssupplementen-nemenToday many people take supplements. One chooses vitamin D3, another craves krill oil capsules, and yet another multivitamins. But why? And do they work? Continue reading →
  6. Cod liver oil: Super-fat!

    Cod liver oil: Super-fat!
    ergomax-wat-is-levertraanBy: Toine Wilke, Dutch nutritionist, biochemist and seaweed expert. Many people believe that cod liver oil is made from whales and regard it as the stinking stuff they know their parents and grandparents took to get them through the fall and winter. But cod liver oil is not old-fashioned, it has, in fact, never gone out of style. The richness of nutrients remain an excellent addition to our Western diet. Continue reading →
  7. Paleo diet for primal strength

    Paleo diet for primal strength
    piramideBy: Toine Wilke, Dutch nutritionist, biochemist and seaweed expert. What began as an esoteric trend in the world of food has over the years begun to be deeply rooted in nutritional thought. Unlike most diets the paleo diet is less a trend than a permanent way of eating that is, in fact, eons-old. But what is this paleo diet exactly? And what can you do with it? Continue reading →
  8. Amino acids - The building blocks of life

    Amino acids - The building blocks of life
    Almost everyone has heard of amino acids. But what is an amino acid exactly? And what do amino acids have to do with our health and the proper functioning of our body? Below you can read everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about these building blocks of our body. Continue reading →
  9. Seaweed, the ultimate vegetable

    Seaweed, the ultimate vegetable
    ergomax-zeewier-de-beste-groente             Seaweeds are up and coming. In addition to seaweed in the local Asian supermarket, nowadays you can buy seaweed salads, seaweed chips and even seaweed burgers. Continue reading →
  10. Cannabis, man’s best friend

    Cannabis, man’s best friend
    cannabis, de beste vriend van de mens ergomax           In obtaining information about the beneficial effects of cannabis it quickly becomes clear that this plant has a strong influence on the human body. It is quite unique that one plant can affect so many different parts of our body and mind. But how is this possible? How can one compound have such a wide range of effects? And if it is so powerful, how can it also be safe at the same time? Continue reading →

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