Nutricosmetics encompass a category of supplements specifically aimed at skin care from within. It usually concerns products used for the skin, hair and nails, products that, of course, can be used in tandem with external care products such as creams and shampoos. Nutricosmetics include various forms of natural supplements taken orally, including collagen and elastin. By combining collagen, elastin and shilajit you create a nutricosmetics stack that tackles the job from various angles: these supplements show potent synergistic effects. 1 + 2 = 4!

What is synergy?

The term synergy is a cognate of Greek synergia meaning 'cooperation'. More than co-operation, synergy includes the higher yield when merging unequal parts, the result surpassing the sum of these parts: 1 + 2 = 4. Put simply, the parts in question have a greater effect when put together than they can individually achieve. Collagen, elastin and shilajit show such a synergistic effect when combined, rendering the blending of these nutritional cosmetic supplements a powerful trinity.

In order to make optimal use of the synergy, the quality of stand-alone components is, unsurprisingly, important. Consider the source materials, which ideally are as natural as possible in origin as well as processed as little as possible throughout the production process. If one or more parts are suboptimal, you are bound to lose strength in the sum: in the synergistic effect of the combination. It is therefore important to choose products the source of which is as pure, powerful and transparent as possible. This is easier to achieve when choosing nutricosmetics developed as standalone products. An additional advantage is that the producer usually has the knowledge and expertise that naturally flows into a dedication to continuously optimize products. It is also possible to tailor the combination of supplements to personal needs if they happen not to come in a ready-to-use formula. Everybody is unique, after all, and this definitely applies to individual needs when it comes to food supplements and cosmetics!

For optimal nutricosmetic stack options we recommend the following products.

Ergomax Collagen Hydrolysate from wild caught cod

Fish collagen hydrolysate consists of smaller peptides than bovine collagen hydrolysate. Because of this, its effectiveness is approximately 1.5 times greater and it has superior bioavailability. The cod used for Ergomax's collagen hydrolysate is wild-caught by line fishing off the coast of Norway. Free-living fish from clean European waters: it doesn't get more natural.

Collagen is a protein that occurs in various types in the body of humans and animals. Hydrolysis is a process in which the cod skin is processed with enzymes, so that, first, the peptides can be absorbed faster and easier into the body and second, the collagen dissolves in liquid. Much has been written about this supplement. To learn more, read our blogpost about the use of wild cod collagen hydrolysate:

One key natural mechanical property of collagen fibers is strength.

The recommended daily dose of collagen hydrolysate is 2 tablespoons, taken with a liquid of your choice.

Ergomax Elastin Hydrolysate, from wild-caught fish

As collagen, elastin is a protein that occurs naturally in the human body. It differs from collagen in that its structure is very branched, such that amino acids show a surplus of interconnections. This creates the striking elasticity of fibers. Despite this difference, similarity with collagen is great, in terms of both effect and origin: the source concerns fish caught in the same way and location. Generally, elastin from marine animals is considered superior, as is the case when comparing collagen hydrolysate from fish and from cattle.

The key natural mechanical property of elastin fibers is elasticity.

The recommended daily dose of elastin hydrolysate is 2 capsules.

Ergomax PrimaVie ® Shilajit

Less known to the general public, Shilajit is extracted from rock formations. This tar-like substance arises from a long process of plant residues and minerals that, under the influence of pressure and heat, form an exudate amid rocks in high mountains. Because Shilajit is known to have varying compositions and quality levels, it is important to choose a standardized and purified variant such as PrimaVie®, the source of which is in the Himalayas. This not only ensures that you get a minimum guaranteed amount of active substances, but also that you exclude unwanted substances such as heavy metals. Given these concerns, PrimaVie® is the only shilajit extract used in Ergomax products.

For shilajit a recommended daily dose applies of 1-2 capsules, taken with meals.

Are you interested in preserving your appearance from the inside out? Be sure to try this unique combination of nutricosmetics!