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Tag Archives: microbiome

  • Biofilms: ideal habitat for microorganisms

    When microorganisms form colonies, biofilms arise. The latter are sticky and slimy structures made of polysaccharides (sugar polymers) and form a shielded environment for wanted and unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. When a microbiome is out of balance, an undesirable type of biofilm will result. Continue reading

  • The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 2

    anatomy-160524_1280Bacteria which naturally occur in the intestine are important for health, but recent studies have consistently shown that a modern lifestyle depletes the variety of microbes in the gut. How exactly lifestyle factors affect the diversity of the microbiome is not clear yet, but there are some important clues. Continue reading

  • The gut microbiome: Key to health - Part 1

    koli-bacteria-123081_640Most cells in our body are not human, but microbial; the ratio of 'them' to 'us' is about 10:1. Disturbances of the interactions between host and the so-called microbiome, or simply biome, can lead to disruptions of a healthy balance. Indeed, the nature and variety of bacteria in our intestines seem to have a profound impact on many aspects of our health.

    Continue reading

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