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  • Liposomes, nutraceuticals, nootropics, extra virgin, and fermentation: What’s in a name?

    What is an adaptogen?

    An adaptogen is a substance that interacts with the body in a positive way to restore balance (homeostasis) in circumstances of stress. This reduces the effects of stress on the body, making it less taxing. Modulating stress affects various systems and functions in the body. These involve hormones, neurotransmitters, mood and sleep. Adaptogens are mostly herbs. The following three criteria are used to identify an adaptogen: Continue reading

  • The supercomputer in your head

    Recently scientists discovered that the capacity (computing power) of our brain is many times greater than previously thought. This may seem just a fun fact, but neuroscientists were really taking notes. The discovery gave an immediate answer to the question: how can our brain be as energy-efficient as we know it is? Continue reading

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