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Tag Archives: Vitamin D3

  • Why we can’t put sunlight in a capsule

    Since 2007, vitamin D has been one of the fastest growing supplements and this rise in popularity seems to be continuing for the time being. Vitamin D3 supplements are widely recommended by doctors, health enthusiasts and orthomolecular therapists. But is D3 use always the wise option? This is a question many people ask themselves and one that everyone, indeed, should be asking. Continue reading

  • Do you require extra Vitamin D3? Do the test.

    Vitamin D3 is embraced globally. But do you need it?

    The world is in the grip of vitamin D3. Doctors, patients and the health media have strongly embraced it as a supplement. Over the years this has led to an over-response in the use of Vitamin D3: sometimes taking the form of fairytale claims, and, now and then, of exorbitant dosages. Continue reading

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