Recently scientists discovered that the capacity (computing power) of our brain is many times greater than previously thought. This may seem just a fun fact, but neuroscientists were really taking notes. The discovery gave an immediate answer to the question: how can our brain be as energy-efficient as we know it is?   Our brain is a quantum computer The answer is quantum mechanics. It has long been thought that our brains operate on the basis of biochemical and electricity-powered processes. Now there is evidence that the organ may be operating on the basis of quantum mechanics. This would explain its unmatched power. New data show that we have up to ten times more memory capacity than previously thought. The physics of quantum processes is so complex that we do not understand much as yet. The functioning of synapses, for example, remains a mystery. On the other hand, we know quite a lot about fundamental processes. Memories and thoughts, for example, are the corollary of electrical and chemical patterns in the brain. Our brain power is huge. New insights suggest it is equivalent to the entire Internet (1 petabyte), while using only the energy of a weak light bulb. Command center of our body The brain is the command center of the quantum system that is our body. It regulates thousands of chemical reactions per second in every cell. These processes are not arbitrary, but answer to a tightly coordinated planning. All body cells, neurons and networks of neurons in the brains are in fact intertwined with each other. This allows the brain to function more complexly than any imaginable biochemical system. The body is quantum It is not just your brain that operates on the basis of quantum mechanics: the entire mammalian body is in fact a quantum system. All molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles from the toes up to the skull connect to each other. They can influence each other because they are quantum-entangled. Quantum entanglement Just as enzymatic interactions, we can link a quantum mechanical phenomenon to the operation of our body. This phenomenon is known as quantum entanglement. This involves two or more physical objects being linked in such a way that one object cannot be entirely described without specific reference to the other, even if the two objects are spatially separated. Put simply, particles become inseparable. This inseparability means that particles can affect each other even though they are very far apart. This enables them to exchange subtle, and ultra-fast, information. Nootropics: cerebral supplements Diving deep into the functioning of the body is fascinating but we must not forget the more superficial layers. In the brain, for example, biochemical processes can be influenced relatively easily, especially the neurotransmitters. One category of dietary supplements that do this are known as nootropics. Via the intake of metabolic precursors, or the inhibition of certain enzymes, the metabolism of various neurotransmitters can be modulated. Acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA are common targets. Cleverly designed nootropics such CILTEP (Natural Stacks) can be used to enhance your state of mind as well as to clear your mind, to improve concentration, and to enhance memory. banner-ns