Everything in the body revolves around energy. The production of energy is so critical to life that it relies on various mechanisms. While a host of substances and supplements are able to support energy production, vitamin B12 is the "energy vitamin" par excellence. Absorption of vitamin B12, however, is problematic. Selecting the right form and dosing method is therefore especially important. The production of energy, operation of the nervous system, general physical functioning, and the functioning of the immune system are all affected by this vitamin. Replenishing B12 through supplements is popular. A B12 mouth spray containing the active form methylcobalamin is a highly effective option. It is a good alternative to cumbersome B12 injections. Vitamin B12 is quickly absorbed via the oral mucosa, rendering it immediately available to the body. Paying attention to vitamin B12 status is especially important for seniors, vegetarians and vegans. Users of antacids or other medicines also belong to this category. Vitamin B12 contributes to: - Reduction of fatigue - The proper functioning of the nervous system - The normal functioning of memory - The normal functioning of the immune system - The normal formation of red blood cells Vitamine-b12-spray-Methylcobalamine-banner