Colostrum Technologies

Colostrum Technologies has one clear expertise: keeping sensitive colostrum intact and producing effective colostrum supplements. This German company uses a gentle and manual production method which keeps the bioactive fractions in this superfood intact. In addition to liquid colostrum, there are now also convenient colostrum capsules!

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C Live colostrum

Colostrum is foremilk that is formed in mammals right after delivery. It has a unique composition and acts as a catalyst for the immune system. After 3-5 days, the composition changes into regular breast milk. The colostrum of C Live comes from organic farmers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These farmers are certified organic and only have small herds of about 30 to 50 cows that are strictly grass-fed. C Live produces the colostrum in the most gentle and refined way possible so that the colostrum is as sustainable and nutritious as possible.

Colostrum extract

C Live colostrum extract is processed manually and on a small scale; during this process the colostrum is not exposed to hot temperatures or chemicals. C Live uses only one enzyme to separate the casein from the colostrum. C Live is the only company working with this bio-technology. Because the process is so gentle, the highly delicate enzymes are also retained. Because the fat and casein are removed, a highly concentrated colostrum extract liquid is formed.


The origin of the raw material is also very important for the colostrum. Colostrum Technologies only uses grass-fed cows. Colostrum Technologies opts for bovine colostrum because it is almost 100% identical to human colostrum. Colostrum contains various components such as immunoglobulins, growth factors, interferons, interleukins and lactoferins. Colostrum is very valuable for the life of a calf and every farmer knows this. That is why farmers never keep calves from their colostrum. Cows produce more colostrum than they need, however, and from the surplus Colostrum Technologies makes its colostrum.

Suitable for everyone

Colostrum is certainly not just for babies. Because of our busy and stressful lives our adult health is negatively affected.Colostrum can help, since the bioactive substances in the colostrum are active in many different tissues, making the colostrum widely applicable. On this site you can buy colostrum in liquid form and in capsules. The effect is the same, your choice depends on whether you prefer liquid or capsules.