Glucorell Inc. was the first company that sold R-Alpha Lipoic Acidon the US market in the 90 on a large-scale. As a relatively small company, but with a lot of expertise, they have put R-Alpha Lipoic Acid on the map through major partnerships.
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Glucorell-R is an American company that has developed R-Alpha Lipoic Acid with added biotin for optimal and powerful support. Glucorell-R offers only the highest quality and pure products, so they only use the best ingredients. The Alpha Lipoic Acid is independently tested by Covance Laboratories in Wisconsin.

R-Alpha Lipoic acid

Glucorell-R's R-Alpha Lipoic acid is unlike any Alpha Lipoic acid found in the store. The product of Glucorell-R consists of pure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid; this is the most effective form of lipoic acid and with this, Glucorell-R distinguishes itself from other alpha lipoic acid alternatives. Glucorell-R contains a combination of pure R-Alpha Lipoic acid and biotin. Glucorell-R uses only Alpha Lipoic acid with a purity of more than 99%. It is a natural antioxidant natively present in our body and is involved in energy production within every body cell.

R-Alpha lipoic acid versus S-Alpha Lipoic acid

Supplementing with S-alpha lipoic acid is the most effective and sensible way to take alpha lipoic acid. In contrast to other brands, Glucorell-R consists of 99+% pure R-alpha lipoic acid, which makes Glucorell-R more effective.

Alpha Lipoic acid

Alpha Lipoic acid is an antioxidant with different effects in the body, just like the reduced version DHLA. One of the ways in which Alfa Lipoic acid works is that it neutralizes free radicals immediately. In addition, it also regenerates other antioxidants. Think of vitamin C and E, glutathione and coenzyme Q10.