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The passion of Walkabout Health Products is to inform people about Emu oil and its many benefits. The mission of Walkabout Health Products is to help people achieve optimal health and thus improve quality of life. In 2009, Elizabeth Schlinsog and her husband Dr. Will Schlinsog started researching Emu Oil. They found out that emu oil from the USA was highly processed and refined. This led them to decide selling their own emu oil. In collaboration with specialized farmers in Australia they now offer superior emu oil that is pure, effective and full of nutrients of the highest biological potency.

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Rich in vitamin K-2

The versatile power of Emu Oil has been discovered years ago by the Australian Aborigines. Today, emu oil is still very popular. The emu oil from Walkabout Health Products comes from emus that are kept in an animal-friendly and natural way. In addition to the vitamins K-2, D3, A and E, the fat also contains a high concentration of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, oleic acid, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and palmitic acids.

Emu Oil from Walkabout Health Products

The mission of the Australian brand Walkabout is to help people achieve optimal health. Their emu oil is a natural food source with a huge amount of vitamin K2 MK-4. Walkabout keeps things as close as possible to the source by minimizing the processing effects. In addition, Walkabout works together with carefully selected animal-friendly Australian emu farms.