Beef Broth - Organic beef - FODMAP friendly

  • 100% grazing cattle
  • High-quality proteins
  • High in glycine, arginine, glutamine and proline
  • FODMAP-friendly
  • No artificial additives
  • 90 grams for 30 days
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Bone Broth – FODMAP-Friendly by Broth of Life

Traditional cultures and animals that live in the wild have known for times immemorial that bones and cartilage are very nutritious. The hard, rigid structures contain a wide variety of essential nutrients. By making bone broth from them, we can distill nutrients such as gelatin. Broth of Life's natural bone broth is made from the meat and bones of 100% pasture-raised cattle. In addition to the 'regular' and the herb-free bone broth variants, Broth of Life also offers this FODMAP-friendly bone broth: particularly suitable for people who are hypersensitive, or just sensitive, to certain herbs. FODMAP is short for a carbohydrate-restricted diet.

What makes Broth of Life bone broth so special?

Bone broths come in various qualities, as becomes clear when you understand what it takes to make a good bone broth. Broth of Life has put together a number of beautiful bone broths that are very special for several reasons. First, the water used for the bone broth is filtered three times through a special system to ensure that there is no chlorine or fluoride in the water. The soup is then made, with plenty of time and attention dedicated, through a manual and extremely careful production process. Part of this process is to simmer for a minimum of 24 hours so that collagen and other nutritious components that animal bones and connective tissues are naturally rich in are given time to release.

Broth of Life has an edge over competitors in this field through its years of research and product development. For example, Broth of Life was the first worldwide to dehydrate its products in order to package them in a handy powder form that has a long shelf life and is easy to use. In addition, Broth of Life broth is the world's first 100% certified bone broth! Broth of Life considers it very important to be transparent about all ingredients used. This way you can be sure that you get a high-quality product when choosing Broth of Life's nutritious 'golden elixirs'—as the company itself likes to call this line of broths.

Bone broth as an ancient tradition

Bone broth has been used as a food around the world for millennia. Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones in water at a low temperature for a long time (at least 24 hours). The body-caring power of broth is something that countless countless traditional peoples are convinced of around the world . The soup is even the basis of the word 'restaurant', which comes from the French word restaurer, which means 'to restore'. Allegedly opened namely a French soup maker in the 18 e century the first restaurant in the world, where he offered soup factory so they could "recover" from their toil. This enterprising soup maker , like his ancestors, instinctively knew the healing effect of animal bones and tissues. The taste of an authentic, strong broth enter t us back to that full sensory experience that still had many ancient cultures. You will scarcely find a natural food product as nutritious as bone broth!

The secret of bone broth

A good bone broth contains a variety of essential nutrients that have powerful beneficial effects on your entire body. Long-term simmering releases easily absorbable vitamins, minerals and amino acids and converts collagen into gelatin, so that your body can absorb this substance well. In addition, broth contains special carbohydrates called glycosaminoglycans. Collagen is a glue-forming protein found in the bones of vertebrates and released in bone broth as the easily absorbable gelatin. Because of its powerful nurturing properties , bone broth is justifiably called a superfood!


  • The benefits, not the hassle, of high-quality bone broth
  • Convenient powder form
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Source of gelatin and glycosaminoglycans
  • Rich in glycine, arginine, glutamine and proline
  • Contains strictly grazing cattle
  • Does not contain pesticides, antibiotics or hormones; GMO-free

The importance of collagen for our body

Collagen accounts for 25% to 35% of the total protein content in our body. The important protein consists of amino acids and peptides, which our cells use as building blocks to produce the large collagen triple helix structure. This structure ensures that tissues and fibers in our body maintain their strength, cohesion and flexibility. From the age of about 25 the body's production of collagen decreases and it is useful to provide our body with sufficient collagen through food. There are distinct types of collagen: types I, II and III are the most important. More than 90% of the collagen in our body consists of type I collagen. Type II collagen is found in joints, ribs, nose, larynx and intervertebral discs, while type III is common in the skin and blood vessels. Bovine collagen is the most widely used source of collagen in collagen supplements and consists mainly of type I and type III collagen.

Bone broth versus collagen hydrolysate

In bone broth made from high-quality animal food sources, collagen is converted into gelatin through the slow heating process, which is then easily absorbed by the body. Bone broth gelatin consists of several types of collagen and contains essential nutrients, including useful minerals, fats and special carbohydrates (glycosaminoglycans, often shortened to GAGs). Collagen hydrolysate is a progressively processed form of gelatin, in which proteins are broken up into smaller pieces by means of enzymes. Collagen hydrolysate does not contain the extra nutrients found in bone broth. However, both forms contain the main essential amino acids, are easily absorbed, and have the same nutritious properties.

Rich source of critical amino acids

Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. These amino acids, 22 in total, are divided into essential and non-essential amino acids. The body can produce non-essential amino acids itself. This is not the case for the essential amino acids, rendering it essential that you acquire these amino acids either through your diet or through supplements. The amino acid profile in bone broth is quite unique: it contains high concentrations of glycine, glutamine, arginine and proline. They are all essential amino acids.

Eating from head to tail

The head-to-tail principle refers to an ethical and sustainable method of meat processing in which all parts of an animal are used for consumption. Traditionally it was commonplace to use an animal to its fullest after being slaughtered, but in today’s Western society we commonly limit the parts of an animal we use. A shame -- because eating organs and glands is very rewarding! Wisdom that traditional healers from ancient cultures already knew how to implement. It makes sense: the human body is composed of a very specific intermixture of nutrients, enzymes, and bioactive substances that, on consumption in the form of animal organs, support the entirety of the body and fit the nutritional needs of the corresponding organs in that human body. For optimal sustenance, you may choose a supplement with specific glands or organs to replenish nutrients. Anyone who eats according to evolutionary underpinnings of the human diet believes that our body has a way of directly integrating the nutrients of healthy animal organs. A great example of Mother Nature's work!

About Broth of Life

Broth of Life's bone broth is made from high-quality, natural ingredients that are selected by hand. Based in Australia, the family business is the only company in the world producing certified bone broth in powder form. The company attaches great importance to quality and for this reason works only with pasture chickens and grass-fed cattle. This is important because the hormones, antibiotics and toxins used in factory farming are mainly stored in the bone marrow of animals. Each bag of Broth of Life bone broth is lovingly prepared and contains powdered bone broth, rendering the broth easy to store and use. Not only can you mix the powder with boiling water to end up with a hot drink, the powder is also a wonderful base for sauces and stews and it gives your meals just that little bit of extra zest. Either way you can easily enjoy all the benefits that a good bone broth has to offer, without having to stand in the kitchen for hours!

More Information
Product Name
Beef Broth - Organic beef - FODMAP friendly
Broth of Life
90 grams
User Instructions

To rehydrate add 1 tsp to 100ml water, or consume in powdered form by sprinkling on meals as you would a seasoning.

The powder is difficult to dissolve, so we recommend using it as a spice or processing it into a shake.

Ingredients per Serving
Ingredients % DV  
filtered water **  
Organic grass fed beef bones **  
Organic carrots **  
Himalayan rock salt **  
Organic aplle cider vinegar **  
Nutritional Info per 3g per 100g
Energy 40.11 kJ 1826 kJ
Protein 2.05 g 67.05g
Fat, total 0.56 g 18.6 g
-saturated 0.29 g 9.5 g
-monounsaturated 0.29 g 8.3 g
Carbohydrates 0.08 g 0.6 g
-sugars 0.00 g 0.0 g
Sodium 0.03 g 0.9 g
Mineral Content   per 100g
Calcium   299 mg
Iron   3 mg
Potassium   588 mg
Magnesium   23 mg
Phosphorus   217 mg
Zinc   3 mg

** % Recommended Daily Intake not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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