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Dietary supplements at Ergomax

Food supplements are intended as a healthy addition to your daily diet. Ergomax offers different types of nutritional supplements, each with  a different application. In addition, you can order food supplements in different dosage forms. For example, we have food supplements in the form of capsules, pills, drops and powders.

Dietary supplements are made up of important vitamins, minerals or other nutrients, that can contribute to better health. However, these food supplements intended to supplement your daily diet. They should therefore not be used as a replacement of your daily diet.

Wide range of supplements

Ergomax has a large assortment of supplements multivitamin tablets to weight loss supplements. Supplements can be divided into different categories such as: vitamins, minerals, herbs or bioactive substances. Bioactive substances occur naturally in foods, but can also be added to dietary supplements in higher concentrations.

Ergomax offers mostly natural food supplements. There is a big difference between natural and synthetic vitamins and supplements. Natural dietary supplements are manufactured from natural food sources and do not exist from substances that are made by man. Natural supplements are better absorbed. In our range you will find natural vitamins, natural proteins and natural cod liver oil.

Healthy nutrition is important

Healthy diet consist of is a varied choice and healthy eating patterns.. Sometimes it's hard to get the daily recommended amount, if you order nutritional supplements at Ergomax, you can quickly and easily concentrated nutrients. If you have any questions about the effects  of food supplements? Please contact us, we will be pleased to help you!