Best L-Tryptophan - TryptoPure®
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Best L-Tryptophan - TryptoPure®

  • Contains TryptoPure®
  • Ajinomoto AminoScience from Japan
  • Precursor to serotonin and melatonin
  • 500 mg Tryptophan per capsule
  • 90 capsules
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EUR 22.95
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L-tryptophan - TryptoPure®

At the beginning of the 1900s, Hopkins and Cole discovered L-tryptophan after isolating it from casein protein. L-tryptophan is one of the eight essential amino acids. In contrast to non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the human body and must therefore be supplied through food. The concentrations of this amino acid are the lowest of all 20 amino acids in the body.

The typical intake of L-tryptophan is around 900-1000 mg per day and good sources are oats, bananas, prunes, milk, tuna, cheese, bread, chicken, turkey, peanuts and chocolate.

L-tryptophan was first synthesized in 1949, but it was not widely available until the 1980s after introduction of better production methods that used fermentation. Due to serious health risks from contaminated L-tryptophan, a temporary ban was in force in the United States from 1989 to 2001. Since the abolition of this ban, the L-tryptophan train is running at full speed again.

Unique amino acid

L-tryptophan plays an important role in the body as a unique amino acid and as an essential component of various metabolic functions. After ingestion, it is effectively distributed throughout the body. Its function as a precursor of serotonin production in the brain seems to be the most emphasized in the literature. The reason for this is that L-tryptophan is the only true precursor to serotonin and can also cross the blood-brain barrier. In addition to serotonin, L-tryptophan also affects other molecules and systems such as dopamine, norepinephrine, beta-endorphine, cortisol, tryptamine, melatonin, NAD / DADP, niacin, the endocrine system and protein synthesis.

About 95% of all serotonin is found in the gastrointestinal tract and only 3% of the available L-tryptophan from food contributes to serotonin production throughout the body. Of this 3%, only 1% takes place in the brain. Despite this low number, this remains a very important function that can be modulated with dietary supplements. All in all, L-tryptophan has a broad impact as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator.


  • Unique and essential amino acid
  • Precursor to serotonin production in the brain
  • Broad impact as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator
More Information
Product Name
Best L-Tryptophan - TryptoPure®
Doctors Best
90 capsules
User Instructions
Take 1 or 2 capsules daily, or as directed by a health practioner.
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
Dosage type
Serving Size
1 capsule
Ingredients per Serving
500 mg Ajinomoto L-tryptophan †. † Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients
Modified cellulose (vegetable capsule), cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), silicon dioxide.
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