Organic fermented apple cider vinegar & cayenne

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Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne by Dr. Mercola

Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne Pepper is a powerful formula with two synergistic ingredients that have effects on digestion and metabolism. Per serving/capsule, the product contains 500 mg of organic fermented apple cider vinegar, and 100 mg of organic fermented cayenne pepper. In this product you get two ingredients in one handy capsule, which you are unable to take in these amounts in any other form.


  • 500 mg of organic apple cider vinegar and 100 mg of organic cayenne pepper
  • Fully compatible with an acid-alkaline diet
  • Fully compatible with a ketogenic diet
  • Convenient capsule form of apple cider vinegar
  • Excellent absorption due to fermentation
  • Contains no soy or gluten; GMO-free

Handy capsule shape

Apple cider vinegar is known as a thermogenic product. Thermogenesis is the process that raises body temperature. Fermented apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper is an excellent addition to various diets, including ketogenic and acid-alkaline diets. This product contains organically fermented apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper powder, rendering both the apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper convenient to take in vegetarian capsule form.

Powerful amount of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is usually available in liquid form and can be mixed in a drink or used in, for example, salad dressing. Not everyone likes the sour taste of apple cider vinegar. Each dose of one capsule of this organic fermented apple cider vinegar and cayenne product provides the equivalent of over a quarter cup of full-strength liquid apple cider vinegar (5% acetic acid), with all its associated benefits -- but without the sour taste, and without the worry that long-term use may damage your tooth enamel!

Active acetic acid

When the apple cider is fermented, the fermentation process digests the sugars, drastically reducing the amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. The fermentation process also creates the primary and most valuable component of vinegar: acetic acid. Acetic acid makes up about 5% of vinegar. In other words, vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid. While vinegar can be made from any fruit or substance that contains natural sugars, apple cider vinegar is preferred because it can play a role in mitochondria and metabolism. It contains more acetic acid and other active components than other types of vinegar.

Capsaicin in cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a spice often used to spice up dishes. It contains an active ingredient called capsaicin. Capsaicin activates heat receptors in the body, increasing metabolism. It thus stimulates thermogenesis. It also causes white fat cells to turn brown. Fermentation ensures optimal bioavailability. In addition, fermented cayenne pepper is gentle on the stomach.

Lots of heat, but gentle on the stomach

Cayenne pepper is native to South and Central America, the West Indies and Mexico. Cayenne pepper has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans, in Korean, Japanese and Chinese traditional cuisines, and in Ayurveda. The amount of capsaicin varies per pepper variety. Cayenne pepper is the best natural source of capsaicin. Compared to Jalapeño peppers, cayenne pepper contains up to 25 times more heat due to a higher capsaicin content. The fermentation of cayenne pepper through a fermentation method using enzymes, renders the cayenne pepper in this product gentle on the stomach. So it does not have the side effects associated with eating red pepper, for example.

The benefits of fermentation

Dr. Mercola has extensive experience working with fermented ingredients. Fermentation optimizes the benefits of a plant substance and changes its nutritional value. For example, fermentation helps to pre-convert ingredients, increase certain nutrients, improve the bio-accessibility of minerals, increase the bioavailability of antioxidants and to create unique metabolites. This formula with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper is another wonderfully effective product from Dr. Mercola.

The extensive product range of Dr. Mercola

The range of Dr. Mercola products is very diverse and fits perfectly with the Ergomax range. This allows a convenient combination of different types of supplements. For example, some supplements specifically benefit your eyes, your muscles or your joints. Other supplements provide general support. Precisely because the range is so diverse, you can always find something that suits your needs and preferences.

About Dr. Mercola

The Dr. Mercola nutritional supplement line was developed by physician-osteopath Joseph Mercola. As early as 1997, Mercola founded the website, which became one of the world's most visited natural health websites. Mercola is a passionate advocate of natural medicine and an absolute authority in the field. His goal is to transform the prevailing traditional medical paradigm. Healthy nutrition, exercise and supportive supplementation play a foundational role in this. Dr. Mercola’s special products are of very pure origin and of high bioavailability. His holistic view on people and health has resulted in a qualitatively extraordinary dietary supplement line.

More Information
Product Name
Organic fermented apple cider vinegar & cayenne
Dr. Mercola
30 capsules
User Instructions

Take 1 tablet daily with a meal.

Ingredients per Serving
Amount per serving% DV
Calories 5
Total carbohydrate 1 g <1%^
Dietary fiber <1% 3% ^
Organic fermented apple cider vinegar 500 mg **
Organic fermented cayenne pepper 100 mg **

^ Percent daily value are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

** % Daily value not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Gum acacia*, rice maltodextrin*, tapioca dextrose*, jerusalem artichoke fiber*, carnauba wax*, tablet coating* (tapioca maltodextrin*, sunflower lecithin*, palm oil*, guar gum*), sunflower lecithin*.

* Certified organic ingredients

Vegan, Vegetarian
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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