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Libido; the word that immediately draws attention to the one who pronounces it. Despite the pioneering work of Sigmund Freud - he made sexuality discussable again - there is still a taboo lying on it. Where Freud described libido as a purely sexual and propelling source of energy, Carl Gustav Jung de-conceptualized the concept into a more general life force. In the modern West, the concept of libido - especially under the influence of commerce: 'sex sells' - is reduced to mere 'the act' of sex. An aphrodisiac is a means that would immediately trigger libido, but it is better to work towards good overall health in the long term. That is why our product line focuses on overall mental and physical well-being.

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Hormones determine the sex drive to a certain extent. In women, for example, the menstrual cycle influences the urge to have sex, in men the day and night rhythm plays a major role in the regulation and housekeeping of testosterone. But in general, sexual activity in humans is predominantly determined by cognitive and affective factors, general health, experience gained, and an overall cultural norm and value pattern. This also explains the great diversity in human sexual behavior.


A healthy libido

In healthy libido, the general rule applies: a healthy body doesn't heal in parts, but it heals in its entirety. When your body is healthy, your libido will also increase and stay in balance. What you can do is pay attention to is the following factors that affect libido: stop smoking, exercise more, eat more healthy and try to avoid chronic stress. As an addition, you can, of course, choose for a good supplement.



Testosterone – the most important sex hormone (in both men and women) plays a major role in hormonal areas. In particular, saturated fats have an important function but so do the minerals zinc and selenium. Furthermore, good herbal preparation can be chosen, or a precursor as a supplement.