Sophrosyne™ BRAIN

  • Category: Nootropics & Brain
  • Balanced mix of natural nootropics
  • Contains ashwagandha & turmeric
  • Contains bacopa & wig fungus
  • Contributes to concentration and memory*1
  • Supports mental balance*2
  • Protects the cells*3
  • 90 capsules
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Sophrosyne™ BRAIN by Jonescientific

Discover Jonescientific’s Sophrosyne™ BRAIN, a new high-quality product in the Ergomax range. The product was developed after intensive research by neuroscientist and assistant professor of Medicine Dr. Daryl Jones together with his team. Sophrosyne™ BRAIN is a harmonious, carefully tuned and unique blend of the natural ingredients ashwagandha, turmeric, wig fungus (Lion's mane) and bacopa. These ingredients are specifically chosen because of their nootropic properties attributed to them.*1,2,3. The product is composed according to the latest scientific insights and the components are carefully matched to form an optimal formula. Sophrosyne™ BRAIN is the first brain supplement from the United States developed by a team of neuroscientists and features a unique combination of ingredients, making the product a first of its kind.

Why use Sophrosyne™ BRAIN?

The ingredients making up Sophrosyne™ BRAIN are well-balanced and, based on scientific research, matched to each other in the right respective amounts. A daily dose of two capsules contains 500 mg of ashwagandha, 180 mg of turmeric, 300 mg of bacopa and 500 mg of lion's mane.


Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, Winter cherry and Indian ginseng, is an herb that has been traditionally used for thousands of years and for countless uses. Ashwagandha provides balance in stressful situations*4, is a natural relaxant*4, contributes to mental focus and memory*4, helps establish good mental balance*4, and is an antioxidant that protects cells against harmful external influences*4.


Turmeric is also called Curcuma Longa or curcumin. It is known for its active compounds, called curcuminoids, which for 80% consist of the phenol curcumin. Turmeric is widely used in the Ayurvedic world, partly due to the fact that the plant is an antioxidant*4 that also supports mental balance*4.


Bacopa, also known as Bacopa monnieri, Herb of Grace and Brahmi, also has original uses in Ayurveda. Bacopa is a natural source of bacosides and is known to improve memory and mental focus*4. For over 3,000 years, knowledge about this plant has been shared and disseminated worldwide. In recent decades more and more scientific research has been carried out on this special plant.

Lion's mane

Wig mushroom, Hericium erinaceus or Lion's Mane, finally, has known millennia of usage in Japan, where the mushroom is known by the name Yamabushitake. The mushroom naturally contains over 30 different bioactive substances and ingredients, including the minerals potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium, as well as essential amino acids. Zinc, iron and magnesium benefit memory and mental focus, and they help maintain a clear mind.


  • Unique, unparalleled blend of four special plants known for their nootropic properties*1, 2, 3
  • The world's first brain supplement designed by neuroscientists
  • Composition and dosage is based on intensive research by neuroscientist and assistant professor of Medicine Dr. Jones
  • Contains ashwagandha, turmeric, bacopa and lion's mane
  • Ashwagandha provides balance in stressful situations*4, contributes to mental focus and memory*4, helps achieve a good mental balance*4 and is an antioxidant that protects cells against external influences*4
  • Turmeric is an antioxidant*4 that likewise supports mental balance*4
  • Bacopa is known to improve memory and mental focus*4
  • Lion's mane contains over 30 different bioactive substances, including the minerals zinc, iron and magnesium, which benefit memory and mental focus

The use of nootropics

The term nootropics is widely used to describe agents that promote learning, mental focus or memory. The term was coined by Romanian physician Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, combining the Greek words 'nous' (spirit) and 'trepein' (to turn). Fabrics the term refers to, would, according to Giurgea, be able to bend, or turn, the mind. Nootropics can be employed in various ways, depending on the nature of the substance. For example, they can affect the transport of oxygen to the brains, contribute to energy production in the brain, ensure that more neurotransmitters become available, or promote the formation of compounds that increase brain activity. Nootropics use is particularly popular among professionals, athletes or the elderly.

Quantum power in our brain

Although the inner workings of our brain are still shrouded in mysteries, in recent years scientists have been learning more and more about this commanding organ in our body. For example, a few years ago researchers discovered that the capacity of our brains is much greater than had been thought. Research showed that our brain works on the basis of quantum-mechanical processes. This idea literally and figuratively turned neuroscience 'upside down'. It was previously thought that our brain operates only on the basis of biochemical and electrical processes. New findings, based on quantum mechanics, provided evidence that up to ten times more memory could be stored than was previously known, also explaining the fact that our brain is so energy-efficient. We now know that the power of our brain is equal to that of the entire Internet -- which covers about one petabyte -- while using only the energy of a dim light bulb. We do not yet fully understand how this is possible. The principles of quantum processes are complex: here are worlds yet to be discovered!

About Jonescientific

Jonescientific was founded by Dr. Daryl Jones, neuroscientist, lecturer in medicine and alumnus of the acclaimed Mayo Clinic. Jones is known for his prestigious research into treating the disease of Creutzfield-Jakob, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as his research on concussions and gastrointestinal disorders. Nobel laureate Dr. Stanley Prusiner commented on a treatment developed by Dr. Jones for Creutzfeld- Jakob disease: “Dr. Jones is absolutely one of the top researchers in contemporary neuroscience."

Dr. Jones combined his knowledge and experience in neuroscience and gastroenterology to study the connections between the intestines and brain in Parkinson's disease. He has published over 30 scientific articles and reports throughout his career so far. One question keeps him busy more than any other: "What can I do to help protect my brain?" According to Dr. Jones, exercise, sleep and nutrition are the most important pillars.

Sophrosyne™ BRAIN was born when Dr. Jones wanted to bring four of Mother Nature's most powerful and well-researched ingredients together in one capsule, making it easy to supplement our diet with a natural remedy that benefits our brain. Sophrosyne is an ancient Greek term meaning "health of the soul or spirit”: mental health.

*1 Ashwagandha contributes to brain and nerve functions involved in mental focus and memory*4

*2 Turmeric supports mental balance*4

*3 Turmeric and ashwagandha are antioxidants that protect cells against harmful environmental influences*4

*4 Health Claims awaiting European approval

More Information
Product Name
Sophrosyne™ BRAIN
90 capsules
User Instructions

Take 2 capsules per day, preferably during a meal.

Ingredients per Serving

500 mg Ashwagandha Root Powder **, 500 mg Hericium Erinaceus **, 300 mg Bacopa Monnieri Herb Powder **, 180 mg Turmeric Root Extract (Curcumin, 95% Curcuminoids) **. ** Reference Intake (RI) not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Gelatin Capsule, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Magnesium Stearate.

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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