Fermented Turmeric Tablets
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Fermented Turmeric Tablets

  • Fermented turmeric
  • Supports healthy heart and brain function
  • Boosts resilience to inflammation
  • Fermented with probiotics for better turmeric absorption
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Free of colors, flavors or other synthetic additives
  • Non-GMO, 100% vegetarian
  • 48 tablets
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EUR 51.56
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Fermented Turmeric by New Chapter

Experience the power of fermented turmeric. Support your cognitive brain functions, nourish healthy heart function and increase your resilience to inflammation (the underlying cause of many diseases) with two easy-to-swallow tablets a day. The proven effect of New Chapter’s unique fermentation method involving probiotics, unlocks the full potential of turmeric, ensuring your body can make optimal use of it.


  • 100% fermented turmeric
  • Supports healthy heart function
  • Stimulates cognitive brain function
  • More resistance to inflammation and inflammation-related pain
  • Fermented with probiotics, which unlocks the full power of turmeric
  • Pure turmeric, full of phytonutrients
  • For a hormetic effect
  • Curcuma, sustainably farmed in India
  • Better digestion and absorption thanks to fermentation
  • Suitable for any time of day, even on an empty stomach
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Free of colors, flavors or other synthetic additives
  • Non-GMO. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • 1190 mg of turmeric per day
  • 48 tablets

Fermentation for better absorption

Many turmeric supplements are available, but they are not always effective. Turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body. It is often recommended to combine turmeric with fat or piperine because these allow the body to absorb it better. However, not everyone tolerates piperine equally well. New Chapter’s fermentation process ensures that you can use pure turmeric, which is better absorbed into the body thanks to the unique fermentation method. In addition to all of turmeric’s health benefits, fermentation also offers probiotic properties.

Sustainable cultivation

With a daily serving of two vegetarian tablets, you are enjoying 1190 mg of fermented turmeric. New Chapter uses sustainable turmeric from India, where the spice grows best. This unprocessed, unrefined, whole food turmeric is 100% pure and packed with beneficial phytonutrients.

The power of turmeric

Turmeric, or curcuma, has been voted the most popular supplement of 2019. No wonder: it has numerous health-promoting properties. Turmeric is an Asian spice with a long history. It has anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting properties, helps burn fat, benefits maintenance of optimal joint function, benefits nervous system functions, vision and heart and blood vessels, and supports the immune system.

Hormetic incentives

Turmeric curcuminoids are often thought to be powerful antioxidants that keep cells healthy and protected from free radicals, but technically, the opposite is true. Curcuminoids are, more precisely, health-promoting stressors, i.e., what are called hormetic substances. Hormetic stimuli make the body healthier and more resilient.

What effects does fermented turmeric have?

For centuries, beneficial bacteria from probiotics have been used for fermentation to enrich food. New Chapter uses the beneficial effects of fermentation to revitalize all herbs, vitamins and minerals. This supplement combines the proven effect of New Chapter’s fermentation method with the whole food power of turmeric. This allows fermented turmeric to be better absorbed, supports healthy cognitive and cardiovascular functions, and make you more resilient in dealing with inflammatory problems.

The intestines in balance with probiotics

New Chapter's supplements are fermented with the use of clinically researched strains of bacteria serving as probiotics. Probiotics balance the your gut microbiome, right at the place where most of your immune system is located. Furthermore, New Chapter uses only natural, safe whole foods including fruits, vegetables and herbs, that are full of healthy nutrients for the fermentation.

How does fermentation work?

New Chapter uses a unique two-step method for fermentation. First, a yeast (the probiotic saccharomyces cerevisiae) is blended with natural plant carbohydrates. Then the right vitamins and minerals are added. To further boost fermentation, non-GMO soy and unprocessed whole foods including alfalfa, carrot and orange peel are added.

The yeast undergoes a biotransformation by absorbing the vitamins and minerals into its structure. Then tropical fruit is added to the fermentate to slow down the fermentation process. Finally, to complete the process, the probiotic bacterial strains L. acidophilus, B. biofum and L. rhamnosus are added under controlled conditions of gentle heating. Probiotics help keep your gut microbiome well-balanced. Right where most of your immune system is located.

This fermentation method makes New Chapter supplements easier to digest. At the same time you get to enjoy a nutrient-filled fermentate with many beneficial properties, including beta glucans that help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

New Chapter - Nourishing body, mind and planet

New Chapter has been nourishing body, soul and earth for over 35 years with high-quality, natural products. This American brand only produces supplements that write a new chapter, either by enhancing existing products or because they can make a unique contribution to complementary health care. New Chapter supplements nourish body and mind with herbs and pure, unprocessed and unrefined whole foods, without additives.

The brand believes it is important to only use ingredients that you can trust, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. These treasures of nature are extracted as sustainably as possible. All New Chapter multivitamins are fermented with whole foods and probiotics: bacteria beneficial to your health. Following a unique two-step method, the brand adds vitality to its vitamins, minerals and herbs. this makes New Chapter supplements easier to digest.

What’s more, New Chapter's fermented multivitamins are suitable for use at any time of day, even on an empty stomach. At the same time, you can enjoy a nutrient-filled fermentate with many beneficial properties, including cholesterol-lowering beta glucans. New Chapter supplements have been extensively tested and validated by scientific experts.

More Information
Product Name
Fermented Turmeric Tablets
New Chapter
48 tablets
User Instructions

Take 2 tablets daily with food or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Not recommended for use in children.

Ingredients per Serving

1190 mg turmeric (Curcuma longa) (rhizome).

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Organic brown rice, organic maltodextrin, organic gum acacia, proprietary ferment media (organic molasses, organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae, lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus)), silicon dioxide, lac resin and carnauba wax.

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