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Molecular hydrogen

Over 600 publications describing the effects of hydrogen on health and over 170 indications for use, render hydrogen gas a highly intriguing nutritional supplement. There are several ways to enjoy hydrogen, but drinking hydrogen-rich water is a practical and effective way to exploit its benefits.

Father of all elements

Hydrogen is intriguing because it is the father of all elements in the universe. Dihydrogen, that is, molecular hydrogen (H2), is the main singular form of this element and the subject of hundreds of health studies.

Along with oxygen, hydrogen was crucial in the evolution of life on earth (both prokaryotes and eukaryotes). Not only does nuclear fusion in the sun requires hydrogen, the mitochondria in your cells have the same need, here for ATP production.

Focus on oxygen

Until recently, molecular health research has focused on oxygen, with the vital role of hydrogen being totally unrecognized.

New insights show that it is the balance between oxygen and hydrogen that is very important. Within the body, many molecular mechanisms have now been discovered, clearly outlining the therapeutic potential of molecular hydrogen. With the increase in molecular hydrogen research, the fascination for this molecule has also been increasing.

Hydrogen research boom

Until 2007, only 50 health-related studies had been published about hydrogen. Over the past few years, over 500 have been added. Because it was initially assumed that dihydrogen was an inactive substance, it is still difficult for some to imagine that this small molecule has such a pronounced effect. In any case, many people may not be aware of recent developments.

Now that the NASA is studying hydrogen-rich water for astronauts during space travel, there seems to be a turning point, all the more since everything about mitochondria and mitochondrial optimization is increasingly central to many health disciplines.

Molecular hydrogen is physiologically highly potent

Hydrogen is unique because molecular hydrogen is the smallest element and the lightest molecule in existence. Because of this, it has the ability to work deeply at intracellular level. Once inside the cell it has a shotgun effect: multiple targets in a cell are hit. Efficacy is achieved simultaneously through multiple, complementary pathways.

Effects can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Being an antioxidant, molecular hydrogen neutralizes free radicals.
  2. Molecular hydrogen activates enzymes that create other antioxidants.
  3. Molecular hydrogen is a signal molecule.

Rejuvination tablets

The patented Rejuvination tablets are the most effective on the market. They can produce a hydrogen concentration of over 13 PPM (parts per million). This is unlike competing products which commonly stay stuck at 0.1-1 PPM. The dissolving tablets are easy to use. Dissolve a tablet in a glass of water, optionally with apple juice or lemon juice, and drink the water as soon as the tablet is dissolved. Each glass of dissolved molecular hydrogen provides the body with billions of hydrogen molecules that swiftly operate throughout the body.

What is hydrogen-rich water exactly?

Hydrogen-rich water is simply water saturated with hydrogen gas. Water (H2O) is a chemical compound consisting of 2 hydrogen atoms (H) bonded to an oxygen atom (O). Hydrogen-rich water resembles carbonated water, the difference being that it contains hydrogen (H2) rather than carbon dioxide (CO2).

How much H2 water should I consume daily?

From our own experiences we can say that:

  • 1-2 tablets per day is the minimum.
  • 4 tablets per day are experienced as ideal.
  • 5-6 tablets per day is the maximum.

After 30 days, the dose may be reduced to 2 tablets if a higher initial dose is chosen.

How do I use molecular hydrogen exactly?

Add a tablet to a glass of water of 350-500 ml. Wait until the tablet is dissolved (shake the glass carefully so that the last pieces are indeed dissolved). Try gentle stirring. Consume the water while the cloud of molecular hydrogen is still visible -- the faster the better.

We recommend against dissolving the tablets in (closed) bottles of water due to gas formation and resulting increase in pressure. Adding lemon juice or apple juice accelerates the reaction and results in higher concentrations of hydrogen.

What does Rejuvination molecular hydrogen-rich water taste like?

After dissolving a tablet, a hydrogen gas cloud is visible in the glass. Because acids are needed for the reaction, the water has a slightly acidic taste.

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Product Name
Molecular hydrogen - Raspberry
30 tablets
User Instructions

Add a tablet to a glass of water by 350-500 ml. Wait until the tablet is dissolved (shake the glass gently so that the last pieces dissolve, too). Careful stirring is also an option). Repeat 2 to 6 times daily.

Ingredients per Serving

60 mg magnesium malate*

* Referentie-inname niet vastgesteld.

Other Ingredients

Malic Acid, Dextrose, Adipic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Sucralose.

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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