HistaminX - capsules

  • Category : Immune System & Histamine
  • Contains quercetin & bromelain
  • Rich in flavonoids & nettle leaves
  • Acts as an antioxidant*1
  • Supports the immune system*2
  • Seasonal comfort
  • Free from common allergens
  • 60 vegetable capsules
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HistaminX by Seeking Health

Seeking Health’s HistaminX offers a combination of supportive herbs and herbal ingredients that work to protect cells and tissues from damage*1 and thus contributing to seasonal comfort. Antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols are bioactive substances that mainly occur in fresh vegetables and fruit and that form bonds in our body and support each other's functioning. For example, the flavonoids quercetin and rutin enhance each other's effect and the enzyme group bromelain extracted from pineapple ensures that quercetin is more optimally absorbed into the body. HistaminX is free from common allergens, contains no artificial additives, and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

From bioflavonoids to nettle

Bioflavonoids is the name for a large collection of active substances that occur naturally in plants. They play an important role in plant metabolism, specifically growth and protection against light, heat and oxidation, and they are usually also responsible for the color that vegetables, fruits and flowers have. Bioflavonoids act as antioxidants*3, may have a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart and blood vessels*3 and have a beneficial effect on the skin*3. In addition, some flavonoids, including quercetin, help deal with pollen in the air*3. In this supplement the bioflavonoids quercetin, dihydroquercetin, rutin and luteolin are combined with bromelain (a group of proteolytic enzymes extracted from pineapple that support the action of quercetin) and with nettle leaf, which supports the immune system*3 and benefits kidney functions*3 and the urinary tract*3. Glucoraphanin is added as well: the glucosinate which occurs abundantly in cauliflower, broccoli, and mustard seed.

Evolution of epigenetics

Epigenetics is a science that has been changing and evolving significantly in recent years. More and more we begin to understand that our DNA, or genetic predisposition, does not have all the clues, but that it is the 'epigenome' that effectively runs the DNA by turning certain genes 'on' or 'off'. So we may have mapped our entire DNA, but we are far from there yet. After all, our DNA is comparable to a computer, where it depends on the software (the epigenomes) in which way the computer is being used. The main epigenetic processes in our body are the methylation processes, in particular DNA methylation. A lot of research is currently being done into the influence of diet and lifestyle on our epigenomes and to what extent epigenetic influence can also be passed on to subsequent generations. In sum, the science of epigenetics studies variations in gene expression, which, however, do not cause changes in the DNA sequence itself.


  • Powerful combination of co-acting plant substances with antioxidant effects*1
  • Bioflavonoids such as rutin, quercetin, luteolin and dihydroquercetin act as antioxidants*3, may have a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart and blood vessels*3 and have a beneficial effect on the skin*3
  • Some flavonoids, including quercetin, help deal with air-borne pollen*3
  • Nettle leaf supports the immune system*3 and benefits the kidney function*3 and the urinary tract*3
  • Free from milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat, soy, gluten, GMOs and artificial colors and flavors

The Methylation Process

Every minute, trillions of methylation processes take place in all cells of our body, which in turn affect thousands of other bodily processes. Methylation is a controlled transfer of a methyl group primarily to proteins, amino acids, enzymes and DNA. Methylation is involved in the maintenance and repair of our DNA within our cells and tissues. Substances that have the ability to donate a methyl group are called methyl donors. B vitamins, vitamin C, biotin, zinc, folic acid and betaine, among other compounds, can function as a methyl donor. Methyl groups play an important role in gene expression, since they have the ability to switch our DNA on and off. It is not without reason that they are one of the most researched molecules in epigenetics. Research indicates that methylation responds to environmental factors and decreases with age. This has made the relationship between health and the ability to methylate a frontier research area.

Epigenetics & Seeking Health

Epigenetics refers to the myriad factors that influence our gene expression. The name epigenetics was coined in 1942 by biologist Conrad Waddington and literally means 'around the DNA', referring to the markers around the DNA that can turn genes on and off. The idea behind it is that the experiences, living conditions and nutrition of an organism have a major modulating influence on its genetic predisposition. For Dr. Ben Lynch, epigenetics stands for the power of our genes and for the fact that we are not our DNA, but that we can work with our genes and just need to know how to shape this cooperation. The Lynch method is therefore aimed at our DNA markers (also called SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms). By using supplements and making adjustments in diet and lifestyle, we can aim to 'clean up dirty genes', in Lynch's words.

About Seeking Health

After suffering from unexplained health problems himself for years, Dr. Ben Lynch became convinced that the cause of these complaints had to be sought in having 'dirty' genes. After ten years of researching, studying and treating thousands of clients around the world, he wrote the book Dirty Genes, in which he developed and refined his method of actively using insights from epigenetics to optimize health. Lynch is currently one of the most consulted experts in epigenetics. He has always been fascinated by the influence and power of our genes and he believes that through the right diet and lifestyle we can work with our genes to create higher levels of health.

* 1 Luteolin is a (bio)flavonoid from the category of flavones and rutin belongs to the flavanol subgroup. Flavonoids are known to play a role in the body as an antioxidant, protecting cells and tissues from damage*3

* 2 Nettle supports the immune system*3

* 3 Health claim awaiting European Commission approval

More Information
Product Name
HistaminX - capsules
Seeking Health
60 capsules
User Instructions

Take 2 capsules without food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients per Serving
  Amount per Serving % DV
Stinging Nettle Extract (Urtica dioica)(leaves) 200 mg **
Luteolin 100 mg **
Rutin (from Sophora japonica)(bud) 100 mg **
Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate from Sophora japonica)(bud) 100 mg **
Bromelain (2400 GDU/g) (from Pineapple)(fruit) 100 mg **
Glucoraphanin (from broccoli extract)(Brassica oleracea italica)(seed)(TrueBroc™) 25 mg **
Dihydroquercetin (from larch tree extract)(Larix dahurica)(Larix gmelinii)(Larix sibirica Ledeb)(Larix cajanderi) 20 mg **

** % Daily value not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

HPMC (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, ascorbyl palmitate, L-leucine, medium-chain triglyceride oil, and silica.

Vegan, Vegetarian
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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