Why should I take dietary supplements?

Nutritional supplements are used for various reasons. This ranges from specific indications to general health. In case of specific indications such as diseases/disorders, pregnancy or intense exercise, the need for certain nutrients may increase. Think of vitamin D3, methyl folate or proteins.

For example, if you are unable to optimize your diet, then basic supplements such as a multivitamin, magnesium or omega-3 can offer a solution.

Are my supplements pure and safe for use?

The products in our range are screened for impurities including heavy metals, microbiology and substance purity. Many results are published on our website so that you can review them before you purchase a product.
The NVWA monitors the quality of food supplements in the Netherlands, while the EFSA (European Food and Safety Association) is the umbrella body in Europe.

What is Ergomax's vision on nutrition and lifestyle?

In terms of nutrition, we are evolution-oriented, to which a primal diet/paleo framework fits best. In our opinion, points of specific attention are that the diet must contain many marine products such as fatty fish, oysters and seaweed. Also respect the seasons and the products they produce. Do not be afraid of ketosis and a higher than recommended fat intake, as long as these are natural fats.

Environmental factors such as a good day and night rhythm and good sleep hygiene are extremely important for health. Therefore, follow the natural course of day and night as much as possible and avoid or block bright and blue light when dusk starts. In the morning, exposure to blue light is advisable as it indicates a new start to the day. Watching the sky directly (without a glass in-between) for a minute or two, whether it is cloudy or not, suffices.

Physical exercise is a therapy in itself and regularly exploring your physical limits with short intensive efforts is very valuable. However, do not forget that there is also a counterpart, and that is consciously seeking rest. Keep these two in balance by doing strength training three times a week and seeking activities such as meditation or qi gong three times a week.
In addition to nutrition based on a paleo framework, diets based on traditional approaches are also very nutritious and healthy.


How can I update my customer data?

To change your customer details, log in at To do this, click on 'My Account' at the top right of the screen. Enter your e-mail address and password and then click on ‘log in’. You can now click on 'Account overview' at the top of the screen and adjust your data.

I've lost my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request it as follows:
Go to and click on “log in” at the top right. Then click on the link “forgot password”, enter your e-mail address, and you will receive an e-mail to reset your password.

What about my privacy?

We do everything to keep your private data really private. We do request information from you, so that we can help you as well as possible. Please consult our Privacy Statement for the data we request, what we use it for, and all other information regarding your private data.


What is the best way to preserve food supplements?

It is important to ensure that products are not exposed to temperatures higher than 20-25 degrees Celsius. Cooler temperatures are not a problem provided that humidity is not too high.
Always put the lid on the container and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight!

Can I combine multiple nutritional supplements?

Yes, that's possible. With a few exceptions, most dietary supplements can be combined or taken simultaneously. Always read the product pages on the website, the product label and the ingredient declaration carefully.

Where can I find product information?

All necessary product information for the relevant product can be found on the website. If you still have product-related questions, we are happy to help. A new European law came into force in 2012, which means that we are unfortunately no longer allowed to indicate to consumers what products can be used for. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us by telephone on +31 (0) 24 - 66 353 66.

Can I still take my dietary supplement after the expiry date?

The expiry date, or best before date, is mandatory on food supplements. Because quality and potency cannot be guaranteed after this date, we recommend that you not take expired products.

What happens if a product is not in stock?

We naturally do everything we can to keep our storage well-stocked. Occasionally customs delays or some force majeure unfortunately prevents a product from reaching our storage facilities on time. If a product from your order is not in stock, we will contact you to provide a fitting solution. This may include shipping the missing item for free or choosing a replacement product.

Delivery and shipping costs

What are the shipping costs?

For price indications pertinent to all countries please consult this page .

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders placed on weekdays before 7 p.m. are sent the same day and are offered by PostNL the next day. Orders that arrive on Friday before 7 p.m. are also offered on Saturdays. 

As a rule, PostNL delivers your shipment within 24 hours after it has been picked up at our warehouse. If you are not at home, the PostNL delivery person will resubmit the package a day later. If you are not home with this second delivery, the package will be offered again the next day. If you are not present then you can pick up the package at a PostNL collection point. You will of course receive a message from the delivery person in your letter box stating where you can pick up the package. You have three weeks for this.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • PostNL delivers at different times than regular mail.
  • We have no control on the time of delivery.

Can I also pick up my order?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Our stock is in a different location than our office.

Placing orders and payments

How can I place an order?

Placing an order on our website is done in 4 simple steps:

1. Place your product(s) in your digital shopping basket
First search for the product you want to purchase. Then place it via the 'Add to cart' button in your digital shopping cart. You can now continue shopping or continue ordering.

2. Log in to your account
Log in to your existing Ergomax account or easily and quickly create a new account.

3. Delivery
When can we deliver the package to you? Choose from the different delivery options.

4. Check and pay
Choose from one of our payment methods and check whether your order and all your (payment) details are correct.

Ready! Thanks. Your order has now been placed. Now all you have to do is wait until your order is offered to you or is ready for you at the collection point.

What payment options do I have?

With us you can pay in the following ways:


Credit card





Discount codes

Do you have special promotions or discount codes?

Stay informed of our offers and promotions by signing up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media channels. Unfortunately, we do not have generic discount codes, promotional codes or coupon codes. Sign up via the registration form for the Ergomax newsletter and stay informed of the latest products, the best deals, our special promotions and more.

Where can I enter my discount code?

Have you received a discount code? You can easily enter this during the ordering process.

  1. First add the products to your shopping cart.
  2. Check your order in the shopping cart. Then click on the 'Continue to checkout' button.
  3. Enter your address details and select delivery and payment options.
  4. Enter the discount code via the 'Apply discount code' button on the right side of the page.

Returning and Exchanging products

At Ergomax it is possible to return your online purchases within 14 days. During this period you can return the order - or part of it - in the original packaging if possible.

Return order

If your purchase is not entirely satisfactory, you can easily return your order with the standard form for withdrawal with reference to the order number. You also have the option of revoking in a different way, as long as you state your name, address and order number.

The return costs are at your own expense. In addition, all returns must meet our return conditions.

Return address

Industrieweg 15
9672 AP Winschoten
The Netherlands

When returning the entire order you will receive the full purchase amount, including costs for the return shipment, as soon as possible, within 14 days at the latest. This 14-day period starts the moment you return the items, or indicate that you want to return them.

Return conditions

  • Used or already opened items cannot be returned.
  • The product must be returned undamaged, in its original packaging.
  • Use the original shipping box for the return shipment.
  • The cooling-off period for returning products is 14 days from the day after receipt.
  • After canceling the purchase, it must be returned within 14 days.
  • Ergomax charges the shipping costs if an order is not received or is not picked up at the pick-up location. The shipping costs that PostNL charges to consumers apply.
  • The return costs as well as the risk are for your own account.

Exchange products

Do you want to exchange a product for another product? Make sure that you always first contact us via [email protected] or +31 (0)24-66 353 66, so that you know for sure that this product is in stock. In order for the process to proceed as carefully and quickly as possible, it is important that you provide the return shipment with (a copy of) the original packing slip. Write on this packing slip which product you want to exchange for which alternative product. Once your product has been returned, we will send the exchangeable item to you.

I have received a damaged product!

At Ergomax we always do our utmost to package every product as carefully as possible. Unfortunately it happens in single cases that a product gets damaged. When this happens, always contact our customer service immediately.


Are your products also available for resale?

In addition to private consumers, we also supply to medical professionals, therapists and stores. Resellers can request a professional account via [email protected].


I have a complaint. Where can I go?

Our aim is that you are satisfied with everything you buy at Ergomax. Does an item unexpectedly not meet your expectations, has something gone wrong with the delivery, or do you have a complaint? Then contact us immediately. We are happy to help you and of course are always ready to solve the problem as quickly as possible!

My question is not listed.

For further questions you can always contact our customer service via +31 (0) 24 - 66 353 66 or [email protected] or via the contact form on our website.