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Creams can be a valuable addition to any supplement protocol. Sometimes a little external support works miracles. As with supplements, many kinds of creams are on the market, but their ingredients are not always desirable. Ensure that creams are made of natural ingredients and are free of BPA, Phthalates, parabens and other chemical additives.

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Natural creams

A cream is based on water to which some fat has been added. This differs from ointments which are a fatty cream (for example: petroleum jelly). Creams can be a valuable addition to a supplements protocol. Sometimes extra support from the outside can just be the deciding factor. Just as with oral supplements, there are many different types of creams. Not all fabrics are equally desirable, so be careful that creams have a natural composition and are free of BPA, Ftlaten, parabens and other chemical additives.

Cream supplements

There are creams that are specific to the skin and creams that transport active substances through the skin to, for example, muscles, nerves or joints. In skin creams you may encounter active ingredients such as vitamins, specific fatty acids or antioxidants. In creams for the muscles, nerves or joints, these often derive from plant and herb extracts.

Skin care products from MitoQ and Youth Gems

MitoQ is known for its products with the powerful antioxidant CoQ10. This antioxidant works purposefully on the mitochondria and the creams and serums therefore contribute to protecting the skin from harmful external influences. The skin care line of Youth Gems contains the versatile antioxidant Neovitin® and the creams and serums ensure an intense nutrition of the skin cells through the peptide complexes. Both skin care lines also help to prevent the first visible signs of aging, such as scars, lines, discoloration and age spots.