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Proteins encompass one of the three macro-nutrients that occur in our everyday diet. The best protein products have an animal origin, of which whey protein from milk is by far the most popular and decidedly the most well-known. As with any supplement, the origin of protein in protein supplements is of vital importance, whether your choice is animal or vegetable protein. Organic and minimally processed protein should always be first choice.

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Healthy living with whey proteins

Originally whey proteins were by-products from cheese production. Most whey protein supplements are made from cow's milk. In the production process whey proteins are separated from casein, lactose and milk fats. They are often used as a dietary supplement by athletes and people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily protein intake for the average adult is one gram per kilogram of body weight.

Whey protein post-exercise

Whey proteins contain essential amino acids critical for mammalian, including human, health. Once amino acids reach the blood stream they are rapidly distributed throughout the body. The edge of whey proteins lies in its specific amino acid profile and its high nutritional value. If you do not get enough protein via your diet, your body may not be able to function or perform optimally. For athletes, it is all the more important to intelligently coordinate exercise, quality rest and nutrition. For many athletes, non-standard recommendations apply when it comes to protein intake. Some may require up to two daily grams per kilogram of body weight.

Grass-fed whey proteins

Organic and grass-fed whey protein concentrates are minimally processed and extracted from the best available milk (not the cheese industry!). Grass-fed whey proteins are made exclusively from the milk of free-grazing cows. The cows constantly graze nutritious grass, contributing to a high-quality final product. Grass-fed whey proteins are produced such that the fragile protein fractions also found in fresh raw milk are maximally preserved.

Our range of whey products

Ergomax offers only the very best of whey protein brands including Natural Stacks, Vital Whey and our own grass fed whey. Not only do these brands offer superior product quality and composition, they also pay due attention to animal welfare and sustainability. Our protein supplements are available in the form of bouillon powder, gelatin, and powder for (for example) a protein shake.