Perfect Calm™

  • Daily multivitamin on a natural basis
  • For more balance in stressful situations
  • Good against nervousness
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Fermented with probiotics and whole foods
  • With natural tranquilizers such as basil, lemon balm and chamomile
  • Does not contain sugar, dairy and gluten
  • No colors/flavors or other synthetic additives
  • Non-GMO, 100% vegetarian
  • 72 tablets
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Perfect Calm™ Multivitamin by New Chapter

This daily multivitamin for men and women contains 21 vitamins and minerals, fermented with whole foods (unrefined, unprocessed food) and probiotics. Offering fermented vitamin C and more, it supports overall health and calms feelings of tension and stress. Perfect Calm™ Multivitamins are made from certified organic vegetables and herbs full of vitamins and minerals that support you during periods of stress. This is supplemented with an extract of natural stimulants including basil, lemon balm and chamomile.


  • Daily multivitamin for men and women on a natural basis
  • For more balance in stressful situations, diminishes nervousness
  • 21 vitamins and minerals, fermented with probiotics and whole foods
  • Supplemented with herbs and fermented vegetables
  • Contains natural tranquilizers including basil, lemon balm and chamomile
  • Supports the immune system and overall health
  • Fermented with whole foods and probiotics for better digestion and absorption
  • Can be taken at any time of day, including on an empty stomach
  • Gentle on the stomach and intestines
  • Strictly natural, organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced
  • Does not contain sugar, dairy and gluten
  • No colors, flavors or other synthetic additives.
  • Non-GMO, 100% vegetarian
  • 72 tablets

Negative consequences of stress and cortisol

When you are stressed, your body reacts by producing adrenaline. As a result, blood pressure rises, the heart beats faster, the muscles tense up, breathing accelerates and digestion slows down. The adrenal gland also produces cortisol during stress, which increases blood sugar and accelerates metabolism. If tension persist, this may result in all kinds of physical complaints from headache to palpitations, neck and back problems, stomach and intestinal problems and insomnia.

Prolonged stress also causes cells to become damaged and to age faster, increasing the risk of aging-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. This affects all cells in the body: fewer new cells are formed and cells that are formed are more likely to break down.

Perfect Calm™ with natural tranquilizers

To Perfect Calm™ New Chapter has added a specially selected herbal mix of natural tranquilizers including lemon balm, chamomile and basil. The essential oil in lemon balm has an effect on the nervous system: it provides a calm and beneficial feeling and supports a cheerful mood.

Chamomile has been known for years as a tranquilizer with anti-stress and soothing properties. The active compound in chamomile, responsible for the health benefits, is called bisabolol. This has anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

The well-known kitchen herb basil has a surprising amount of health benefits. It contains flavonoids, which protect the white blood cells. Basil contains essential oils, including eugenol, citronel and linalool, and fights fungi, yeasts and unwanted bacteria. As an antioxidant, basil is an anti-inflammatory, a natural pain reliever and reduces fever and the negative effects of stress.

Black cumin seeds

With three Perfect Calm™ tablets per day, you also get 150 mg of organic black cumin seeds (nigella sativa). Black cumin seeds contain many healthy substances, including linoleic acid, essential oils, melanthine, alkaloids, fatty oil and tannins. Scientific research indicates that black cumin seeds have a supportive effect on a mood, resistance and memory functions.

Furthermore, nigella sativa has been traditionally used to restore the intestinal flora and to fight fungi, to reduce histamine levels and, thus, to reduce allergy symptoms, skin complaints and to reduce stress. The strong antioxidant effect of cumin also helps to combat the negative effects of stress.

Elderberry, Astragalus and Siberian Ginseng for a stronger immune system

Elderberry promotes the immune system and is traditionally used in the treatment of flu, colds and yeast infections. The bioflavonoids in the elderberry help to counteract cell damage caused by poor nutrition, environmental pollution and stress.

Astragalus is an adaptogen, which means it can support your body under stress. In addition, astragalus is used to stimulate the immune system and support the natural processes of your immune system.

Siberian ginseng, or eleuthero, was initially used given a shortage of ginseng and was found to exceed ginseng health benefits. The taiga root, as the Siberian ginseng is also called, stimulates the immune system, by increasing the number of immune cells (T-lymphocytes), which are part of the specific cellular defense.

Support digestion with aloe vera, peppermint and cardamom

This vitamin multi supports your digestion with aloe vera, peppermint and cardamom. Aloe vera gently detoxifies the body and aids digestion. Peppermint has long been known for its positive effect on digestion. And cardamom is known for fighting infections and promoting healthy digestion.

Features turmeric and ginger

With three Perfect Calm™ tablets per day, you also consume 10 mg of ginger and 17.6 mg of organic turmeric, or curcuma, every day. Turmeric is nature's powerful ally due to its many health-promoting properties. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, helps burn fat, helps maintaining good joint function, benefits the nervous system, eyesight as well as heart and blood vessels, and supports the immune system.

The beneficial effect of ginger comes from more than 100 bioactive substances, the most important of which are gingerol and shogaol. Ginger, or djahé, has a cleansing effect that makes you feel fitter and more energetic.

The advantage of fermenting

Why Choose New Chapter 's Fermented Vitamins? Thanks to fermentation, these multivitamins are easy to digest and friendly to the stomach. It can be taken any time of day, even on an empty stomach. New Chapter 's unique fermentation method ensures that all nutrients are more easily absorbed. And it activates the multivitamin in such a way that your body can absorb it as it does a regular diet.

Many multivitamins offer synthetic, isolated nutrients that are difficult to absorb by the body and therefore are not fully utilized. New Chapter's naturally- fermented multivitamins ensure you get maximum benefit from each tablet, every day. New Chapter offers 'next level' nutrients and herbs thanks to its patented fermentation method. This method uses the power of beneficial probiotics to additionally activate every vitamin, mineral and herb.

How does fermentation work?

New Chapter uses a unique two-step method for fermentation. First, an organic yeast (the probiotic saccharomyces cerevisiae ) is mixed with natural carbohydrates derived from plants. Then the right vitamins and minerals are added. To further stimulate fermentation, organic, non-GMO soy and unprocessed whole foods including alfalfa, carrot and orange peel are added.

The yeast undergoes a biotransformation by absorbing the vitamins and minerals into its structure. Next, tropical fruit is added to the fermentate to slow down the fermentation process. To complete the process, the probiotic strains of bacteria L. acidophilus, B. bifidum and L. rhamnosus are added under conditions of gentle heating. These microorganisms balance out the microflora of your intestines: exactly where your immune system, for the most part, resides.

New Chapter - Nourishing body, mind and planet

New Chapter has been nourishing body, soul and earth for over 35 years with high-quality, natural products. This American brand only creates products that write a new chapter, either as improvement of an existing product or because they can make a unique contribution to complementary health care.

They choose safe products that can be used with confidence and that contribute to health, society and planet. New Chapter is produced by a Certified B Corporation, meaning they keep people, planet and profit in a perfect balance. New Chapter supplements nourish the body and mind with herbs and pure, unprocessed and unrefined whole foods, without additives. The brand believes it is important to only use ingredients that you can trust, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and mushrooms.

New Chapter supplements have been extensively tested and validated by scientific experts. All New Chapter multivitamins are fermented with whole foods and probiotics: bacteria beneficial to your health. Following a unique two-step method, the brand brings more vitality to its vitamins, minerals and herbs. At the same time, this makes New Chapter supplements easier to digest. New Chapter's fermented multivitamins are suitable for use at any time of day, even on an empty stomach. As a bonus, enjoy a nutrient-filled fermentate with many beneficial properties, including cholesterol-lowering beta glucans.

More Information
Product Name
Perfect Calm™
New Chapter
72 tablets
User Instructions

Take 3 tablets daily or as recommend by a healthcare practitioner. Can be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach. Not recommended for use in children.

Ingredients per Serving

See image above.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Ferment media (soy flour, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, orange peel powder, carrot powder, alfalfa powder, lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus), papain (deactivated) and bromelain (deactivated)), gum acacia, silica, lac resin and carnauba wax.

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