Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) - OptiPEA®
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Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) - OptiPEA®? Order unique supplements at Ergomax

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  • Formulated with OptiPEA®
  • 100 percent European origin
  • Branded ingredient from The Netherlands
  • Pharmaceutical standard
  • 400mg palmitoylethanolamide per capsule
  • 60 vegetarian capsulesnorma
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EUR 30.95
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OptiPEA®, the leader in quality

Because quality and safety are paramount, we only use OptiPEA®, a branded ingredient from The Netherlands. This is the only brand of palmitoylethanolamide worldwide whose quality has been established beyond doubt. The very strict standards that are used in the pharmaceutical industry are also used in the production of OptiPEA®.

Benefits of Ergomax OptiPEA® palmitoylethanolamide

  • Palmitoylethanolamide is a body's own substance and works in a natural way in the body.
  • By the strict Dutch quality control OptiPEA® is the only Palmitoylethanolamide product that meets the high quality standards.
  • OptiPEA® Palmitoylethanolamide is extensively used by health professionals.
  • With OptiPEA® palmitoylethanolamide has you the certainty of a proven product with the necessary support.
  • Since 2010 is already familiar with Ergomax palmitoylethanolamide and gained extensive experience with its use.

What is the difference with other palmitoylethanolamide products?

The 'GMP' or 'Good Manufacturing Practices' quality with the sustainable origin of OptiPEA® makes it a unique product. No other palmitoylethanolamide on the Dutch market is similar and also contains OptiPEA®. So choose your palmitoylethanolamide product wisely!

Flexible dosages

Palmitoylethanolamide is often used for longer periods. To support the users as much as possible with finding the right dose, we chose for 400 mg of PEA per capsule. This allows you to adjust your dosage in a precise and flexible way. There is no need to take unnecessary high or awkward dosing regimens.

Use of palmitoylethanolamide capsules

Take 1200mg / 3 capsules daily for at least 60 days. For new users, it is desirable to start with a course of 60 days as palmitoylethanolamide needs some time to start working optimally. The initial protocol consists of 3 bottles palmitoylethanolamide of 60 vegetarian capsules

Only after 60 days the effect of palmitoylethanolamide can be properly assessed and if longer use of meaningful. After this initial period users can optionally switch to a lower follow-up or maintenance dose of two capsules á 400 mg palmitoylethanolamide per day.

Each user should determine in consultation with a specialist or individually, if two 400 mg capsules are sufficient for maintenance or a higher dosage is needed.


  • 100 % of European origin
  • Branded ingredient from The Netherlands
  • Active in the nervous system
  • GMP produced
  • Brings the body into balance
  • Is physiologically active


The body in balance

Cells are depending for their lives and function on the internal environment. Homeostasis is the ability of multi-cellular organisms to maintain balance in this environment. Per second, more than 100,000 biochemical reactions occur in every cell of the human body. The flow of these chemicals is essential for cells.

Natural substance

Palmitoylethanolamide is one of these substances whose effect is extensively documented. This very special body signal molecule is found throughout the body and it works with the body's biochemistry in a natural way. Palmitoylethanolamide is essential to our well-being.

Evolutionary compatible

Because the body has evolved to process nutrients from food, it is always better to stay close to nature. Non-natural agents are often only effective for a short time. The recording, recognition and processing of palmitoylethanolamide is deeply intertwined with the physical function and compatible with the natural functioning which no disturbances occur or side effects occur.

Advanced physiologically active

Because palmitoylethanolamide as a proverbial "shotgun" is very effective and simultaneously activates various natural mechanisms, the operation is considered unique. Palmitoylethanolamide thus has the potential to have a major impact on the daily life and regain your movement, freedom and control.

Palmitoylethanolamide supplements

The bodies own production of palmitoylethanolamide is normally in balance with what the body needs, but the production can sometimes fail under the influence of certain physiological stimuli. Palmitoylethanolamide supplementation with the body's own supply is an effective way to balance the levels. Within 60 days most users notice good effect.

More Information
Product Name
Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) - OptiPEA®
60 capsules
User Instructions

Take 3 capsules per day, preferably with food, or as advised. Maintain the starting dose for at least 60 days and evaluate the result after this period. The dosage can then be adjusted based on the individual results.

Ingredients per Serving
400 mg palmitoylethanolamide (OptiPEA®) †. † Recommended Daily Allowance not established.
EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule)
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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Customer Reviews
  1. Muscle aches
    Overall rating
    This product seem to help with easing the aches and pains. Not had any side effects and have been taking them for early a year now.
    They are very expensive, and never get any discount though.

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    Posted on

  2. surprisingly good
    Overall rating
    recently heard of this product and tried it for my musculoskeletal pain ( most L knee)

    I have so far at ~ 3.5 wks been very impressed with the sig pain reduction in my L knee

    there have been no untoward events attributable to the PEA

    presently I am using 800 mg morning and evening

    wonder if I might be able to buy it in larger quantitative at a bit of a saving ??

    I am a retired orthopedic surgeon with much personal arthritis I also do some cannabaanoid/holistic medicine as a retirement gig I have been recommending it to many patients with generally positive results so far

    Kenneth S Merriman MD Hastings, Michigan USA

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    Posted on