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Gelatin is a protein product consisting of collagen. Collagen is derived from mammalian connective tissue and bones. The gelatin is made from animal skin and bones submerged in hot water for an extended period of time, the residue of which is then thickened, filtered and dried. The product is then often ground into a powder. Gelatin powder from grass-fed pasture cattle or fish is often used for its many positive effects on skin, hair, nails and digestive tract. If you have any questions or want more information about gelatin or collagen hydrolysate (hydrolysed collagen), do not hesitate contacting us!

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12 Item(s)

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Neutral-flavored gelatin powder

Gelatin is widely used in confectionery, desserts and bakery products.  Adding a tablespoon of gelatin to your daily diet may contribute to the healthy functioning of skin, hair, nails and intestines.  It’s a small diet intervention of which you will notice very little if anything.  All the gelatin powder in our product range has a neutral flavor, which means that it does not alter the taste of your food.  You may choose to either take a  tablespoon of gelatin powder twice daily, or easily dissolve it in your cold or hot drink.

Gelatine: rich in glycine and proline

Collagen, the basic component of gelatin, contains a number of amino acids that may contribute to health.  Glycine and proline are two important amino acids abundantly available in the gelatin powder in our product range.  Both of these amino acids are linked to positive health effects.  Glycine helps many people to sleep better and to feel less stressed.  Proline plays a role in wound healing and supports the immune system.


It's good to know that the production of gelatin is fully compatible with eco-friendly manufacturing standards.  Animals are never slaughtered strictly for their skin or bones, which of course applies to the gelatin industry.  Rather, gelatin is a by-product of the meat industry.  For example, without the common production of gelatin the slaughtering of a pig would yield excess waste of no less than ten kilograms.

Purchasing gelatin supplement

Ergomax offers both gelatin and collagen hydrolysate (hydrolysed collagen), from both beef and wild cod. Our gelatin supplements are available in gelatin powder and broth powder form.