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Biologische en natuurlijke producten

Organic and natural products are based on natural, whole food sources. These products do not contain synthetic man-made substances. One of the key advantages of these organic and natural products is that they contain, rather than isolated substances, a whole spectrum of supportive nutrients. This is exactly the way Mother Nature intends. A number of examples of natural organic products include various cod liver oil products, whey-proteins, and MegaFood’s 100% natural products line. Browse our natural nutritional supplements below.

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59 Item(s)

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Organic and natural: faster and better absorption

Organic and natural products are absorbed faster and more completely than man-made, synthetic products.  Natural food supplements therefore provide a more optimal effect than synthetic supplements.  Our product range mostly consists of 100% natural supplements including natural vitamins, natural amino acids, natural proteins and natural cod liver oil.


MegaFood 100% natural

The key goal of MegaFood is to improve people's lives by natural and organic means.  The MegaFood products selected for our product range are all 100% natural and thus belong to the best nutritional supplements currently available.  All MegaFood products are free of chemicals, GMOs, and soy allergens.  They achieve this by purchasing ingredients from local farms and closely supervising all aspects of the production process.  Their motto: Fresh from farm to tablet.


Extensive range of natural food supplements

In our web shop you will find an extensive range of organic and natural dietary supplements.  Consider natural vitamin C tablets that contribute to an optimal immune status, improve your learning performance and promote bone health, or natural cod liver oil for better functioning of body and mind.  Our dietary supplements enable you, in a natural and responsible way, to make sure your daily diet does not miss out on anything.  And all by a small effort: taking a tablet only once, or a few times, per day.


Organic supplements

Our product range contains various organic supplements. Dietary supplements may only be designated as organic if at least 95% of the products hailing from agriculture or cattle breeding have been produced in an organic way. Dietary supplements with synthetic products should not be marketed as organic supplements. Do you want advice about our organic products or natural nutritional supplements? Feel free to contact us at any time.