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Gland Adrenal – Adrenal Concentrate from Nutramin

Gland Adrenal from Nutramin contains 200 mg adrenal concentrate or adrenal glandulars per daily dose of two capsules. Glandulars are concentrates of fresh organ tissue, in this case bovine. Glandulars complement a healthy diet. In the past, eating organ meats was quite normal. Nowadays we hardly eat organ meat. The consumption of organs is also sometimes discouraged due to the accumulation of environmental toxins.

Safe to use

The glandulars used by Nutramin are guaranteed to be free from viruses, BSE, synthetic hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and inorganic growth accelerators. The used glandulars or neonatal tissues are not exposed to harmful influences such as chemicals. The tissues are in the active growth phase and contain growth factors. The Gland Adrenal dietary supplement is therefore guaranteed to be safe to use and does not contain any toxins and infectious particles or organisms.


Adrenal Concentrate
Safe to use; contains no toxins and allergens
Free from viruses, BSE, synthetic hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and inorganic growth accelerators
Efficient combinations

Gland Adrenal from Nutramin can be combined well with other products from Nutramin such as Adreno Balance and Adrenocare 2.0 for extra powerful support. Adreno Balance contains Rhodiola rosea, an herb that contributes to normal resistance to stress, a claim pending approval by the European Commission. Adrenocare 2.0 is a herbal preparation with various ingredients that support the nervous system, such as zinc, iodine, iron and vitamins B1, B3 and B6 and vitamin C. The daily dose of Nutramin Gland Adrenal is one capsule twice a day.

About Nutramin

Nutramin arose in the 1980s from a successful naturopathic clinic in Amsterdam, founded by Professor Henk Oswald. The constant demand for health products from this clinic led to the development of its own product line under the name Nutramin. When the clinic was closed in 1996, Nutramin's loyal customer base continued to exist as a leading brand among naturopaths and health professionals. In this phase, in which the brand was dominated by the trade in (American) supplements, the current owner Mischa Strijder took over the brand.

It was Strijders' ambition to become a leading supplement company that strives for high-quality, reliable and professional supplements based on the best that nature and science have to offer. The company has since gone through various developments - partly due to the changed European legislation - but has always remained faithful to this ambition. In order to make its high-quality, high-dose products available to everyone, in recent years investments have been made in a new website so that not only health professionals, but also consumers have access to Nutramin's products.

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Gland Adrenal 60cp
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