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Paleo & Primal diet

Before the agricultural revolution our ancestors were hunter-gatherers and of necessity more physically robust and healthier. Consumption of grain and dairy products, among others, may have had an effect on the declining vigor of the human species. Gluten and other anti-nutrients, especially, are often cited to play an important role. The paleo, or primal, diet is based on the diet and lifestyle prior to the agricultural revolution. It consists of fresh products, free of grains, legumes and dairy products. Anything you can hunt, hand-pick or eat raw (uncooked) is paleo.

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Nutrition is a critical component of healthy living. It remains a fascinating subject and libraries of books can be found discussing it. Countless websites are devoted to this subject and there are different recommended variations in diet. Authors like Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, Art De Vany and Mark Sisson are among the pioneers in this field and have written several books on this subject, which includes more than just food. Other lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep and biorhythm have also become important components of everything "paleo".

Paleo diet

There are different ideas about what is healthy and what is not, indeed, about what is normal for modern humans. There are many extreme diets that may be used for a short period but to get to the core and to determine what is good or normal for people, a view of the past is a key piece of the puzzle. Man changes only very slowly: biologically, we have been roughly same for tens of thousands of years. This is the main idea behind the paleo diet. Eat as your ancestors did and optimize your health. By following a paleo diet you naturally avoid highly processed food products, thus optimizing nutrient density.

Go paleo

As indicated, there are many variations of and ideas about the paleo diet. There are also different names that actually all come down to the same thing. "Primal diet" is a widely used term; "ancestral diet" and "paleolithic diet" are equally ubiquitous. Tons of information can readily be found and particular forms of the primal diet may appeal to you more than others. Of course, paleo diets may also be combined with intermediate fasting routines, exercise plans and dietary supplements.

Bone broth

The popularity of certain foods has increased alongside the popularization of the primal diet. Examples are sweet potatoes, fermented products and bone broth. The last-mentioned is very interesting, apart from being very tasty, because gelatin is no regular component of today's diet. Bone broth is made by cooking bones from cattle, chickens or calves into a thick jelly. Bone broth is very nutritious and rich in gelatin, collagen, minerals and glucosamine.