Atrantil is a patented and innovative formulation developed in 2015 by Dr. Kenneth Brown, an American gastroenterologist. Atrantil is not a probiotics but a combination of 3 plant ingredients and is used primarily in the case of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO); a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

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Atrantil: not a probiotic

Atrantil is a natural and safe solution that promotes natural bowel movements. It can be used in case of everyday problems and stimulates proper stomach and intestinal function. Atrantil is not a probiotic, but a combination of 3 plant-based ingredients. This powerful combination ensures that Atrantil is very effective and works selectively in the small intestine. It is beneficial for a balanced intestinal flora in this area.

Good balance

The intestinal flora consists of numerous bacteria and fungi. They function as a complex eco-system and it is essential for this body to maintain a good balance. The small intestine normally contains relatively few, but specific, bacteria. Maintaining this specificity is essential for overall health.

Active substances

The active substances in Atrantil belong to the flavonoids and saponins. These substances are naturally present in plants. It is important that the extracts of the vegetable ingredients are of good quality and standardized in order to capitalize on their physiological potential. Atrantil contains a special and balanced combination of peppermint (M. Balsamea), Quebracho and chestnut (Conker Tree) extract. The flavonoids from Quebracho bind with hydrogen, and the saponins from Conker Tree with the reductase enzyme, which stops methane production.