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Probiotics are food supplements containing beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut. The digestive tract is one of the most complex of known ecosystems. Consider that the human body is made up of 10 times as many bacteria cells than human cells. A grown person carries about 1-2 kilos of intestinal bacteria in their intestines at any time. In view of the prominence and importance of these bacteria in the body, which are increasingly well-documented in scientific research, taking a premium probiotic supplement offers a sound foundation for overall health.

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Supporting the intestinal flora with probiotics

“Good” bacteria help maintaining an optimal balance in the intestines.  Probiotics support your intestinal flora.  They come in many varieties.  Different types of probiotics all have slightly different general effects, which may also vary slightly on an individual level.  On considering probiotics, you may want to pay attention especially to bacterial strains.  The latter are indicative of the types of bacteria the product contains.  For example, common types of bacteria include lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.  The variety of bacteria may in part explain the varying effects of probiotic capsules, indeed on a personal level.


Probiotics capsules

In general, probiotics are taken during meals.  It is of vital importance that probiotics reach the colon alive.  The bacteria in probiotic capsules should not be eliminated by stomach acid or bile.  The number of probiotic bacteria contained in a product is always mentioned on the product label.  The per-capsule number of bacteria should ideally be greater than 1 billion.


Exercise, relaxation and healthy food

Although probiotic capsules provide a good basis for health, regular exercise and a healthy diet are also recommended.  Exercise daily if possible and take plenty of time for relaxation.  A healthy diet includes plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals.  A diet high in fiber is important, because these fibers serve as food for the good intestinal bacteria.  Drinking plenty of water is also an every-day must.


Purchasing probiotics

Ergomax offers probiotic supplements in both capsule and powder formulas designed specifically for both adults and children.  The supplements are gluten-free and contain no lactose.  Are you considering purchasing probiotics but do you have questions you want answered first?  Feel free to contact our customer service at any time.