Cod liver oil

Ergomax is the premier supplier of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil produced by the leading brands Green Pasture and Rosita Real Foods.  The fermented cod liver oil from the Green Pasture product range ranks really high with regards to quality/ One of its unique properties is that this cod liver oil is produced observing an age-old traditional method in which cod livers are being fermented for an extended duration of up to six months.  Beside fermented cod liver oil, we also offer Extra Virgin dragon fish and fresh cod liver oil (EVCLO) from Rosita Real Foods. The extra virgin cod liver oil products are produced by means of a traditional Norwegian (Viking) method and are minimally processed ensuring optimal nutritional value. The fresh cod liver oil is suitable for the most sensitive users and are currently the leading cod liver oil in the world.

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What is cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement extracted from the liver of fish, mostly cod.  Like most fish oils, cod liver oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  Cod liver oil also naturally contains vitamin A and vitamin D. Cod liver oil has been a longstanding, all-time favorite for its high levels of vitamins. Today cod liver oil is usually enriched with artificial synthetic vitamins A and D, because due to the coarse manufacturing process these are removed from the oil.  The result is also known as vitaminized cod liver oil.  Ergomax specializes in natural food supplements and therefore offers only cod liver oil from manufacturers observing traditional, natural production standards.  This keeps the nutritional value of the oil as close as possible to that of live cod liver.

Supplementated cod liver oil

Nowadays cod liver oil is usually artificially fortified with synthetic vitamins A and D, because the coarse production process removes them from the oil. This is also called vitaminized liver oil. Ergomax specializes in supplying natural food supplements and therefore only offers cod liver oil from producers who produce it in a traditional, natural way. This brings the nutritional value of cod liver oil as close as possible to a live cod liver.

The taste of cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is known for its strong flavor.  Although the taste can undeniably be experienced as fishy or intemperate, it remains a very popular product.  Does the taste discourage you from considering it for your family?  Today it is also possible to buy flavored cod liver oil. Consider cinnamon, mint or chocolate.

Cod liver oil capsules

In our online shop, in addition to liquid cod liver you can also be find cod liver oil capsules.  The advantage of capsules is that they do not have the distinct fishy taste.  Green Pasture’s Blue Ice cod liver oil capsules or Rosita Real Foods Extra Virgin cod liver oil capsules may be your best choice if you are looking for a natural product without synthetic vitamins.

Butter Oil

Butter oil is an extract of butter with high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids.  This renders butter oil easier to digest.  In the store only unheated butter oil is available in order to maintain optimal nutritional value.  The butter oils by Green Pasture and Organic3 boast an unprecedented nutritional value and are an excellent supplement to cod liver oil.

Fermented cod liver oil

Regular cod liver oil is widely produced, indeed on an industrial scale.  During this process, natural vitamins are being removed from the oil.  Toward the end of the production process synthetic vitamins are added, in order to compensate for the loss. Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil is produced on a traditional, natural basis without chemical additions. Fermented cod liver oil tastes somewhat different from cod liver oil that has not been fermented.  It does have a distinct taste, so we advise you to mix the oil with, for example, honey, juice or water.  If this does not do the trick, you may want to consider cod liver oil capsules.

Taste fermented cod liver oil

Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil is produced in a traditional, natural way, without chemical additives. Fermented cod liver oil tastes slightly different from unfermented cod liver oil. It has a pronounced taste, so we advise you to mix the cod liver oil with, for example, honey, juice or water. If this is not enough for comfort, you can consider cod liver oil capsules. Our product range also includes a unique mix of fermented cod liver oil, organic coconut oil and X-Factor butter oil.

Extra virgin cod liver oil (EVCLO)

Rosita’s Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is produced by means of a unique and traditional process.  In order to retain the optimal nutritional value, no chemicals, solvents, heat or mechanical methods are used to produce the oil.  The oil is thus unrefined, cold-processed, extra virgin and very nutritious.  EVCLO is almost transparent or golden, has a mild fish taste yet is not strong-smelling.