Ergomax: This is why

At Ergomax we do not compromise on quality. Our products are purely formulated, accurately dosed and reliable in origin. We also believe that anyone should be able to pursue her or his personal best. That is why we look forward to assist you with new, effective and natural nutritional supplements in combination with direct, inspiring and comprehensive advice.

Our products have been carefully selected, reviewed and tested. As pioneers we take pride in developing and challenging ourselves across a variety of disciplines and frontiers: not just with regard to quality, but also in terms of production and distribution. Sustainability means that within our business models and decisions we always take into account all long-term interaction between man and nature.

We are specialists: our product range contains many unique niche products that you will not find anywhere else.

Innovative, understanding, committed to sustainability and a natural sense for customer satisfaction: that is ERGOMAX.

"Nature has intrinsic value independent of man, and should therefore not be exploited simply for human gain.

We are convinced that a sustainable equilibrium can develop between human well-being and the wealth of natural and pure nutrients that nature provides."

11 reasons why customers choose for Ergomax

1. Competitive prices
2. Unique brands and products
3. Simple ordering process
4. Fast service and quick delivery
5. Customer service by phone
6. Low shipping costs
7. Secure payment system
8. Skilled customer service
9. Always special deals
10. Experts since 2007
11. Wide range of products

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Charities & Ergomax

Ergomax has committed itself to three charities: Masarang Foundation, Luz Alba and Survival International. This reflects our holistic vision: ‘In thought and action, take into account the long-term interaction between man and nature as much as possible’.

Survival International

Survival International is the international movement for the rights of indigenous tribes. The organization helps these tribes in defending their existence, protecting their country and determining their own future.

Survival International stops lumberjacks, miners and oil companies that destroy the habitats of these vulnerable groups and lobbies governments to recognize the indigenous land rights of these tribes. The organization documents and exposes the atrocities committed against tribal people and takes immediate action to stop it.

Tribal people thus have a platform to communicate with the world. Survival International has won more than 200 victories since 1969; but the work is far from over!

Masarang Foundation

“Nature conservation through collaboration with and development of the local population”. That is the mission of Masarang, an Indonesian foundation founded in 2001 by Dr. Eng. Willie Smits. Masarang finds solutions for the most urgent global problems of our time: deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty and underdevelopment.

Luz Alba Foundation

Operating out of The Netherlands, Luz Alba Foundation supports the Luz Alba shelter in Arequipa, Peru. This shelter provides (emergency) relief for children who have been abandoned, or displaced from home. The children’s age ranges from a few days old to about 5 years. Children stay until they can return to their families or until they are adopted. Luz Alba does not receive money from the Peruvian government. To continue its good work, the shelter is dependent on financial support from other parties.