Prebiotics are important nutrients that support the growth of “good” bacteria in the intestines. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics contain no living bacteria, but rather support all bacteria present in the intestinal flora, including those offered by probiotic products. In our product range you will find supplements containing either prebiotics or probiotics, or both combined. Prebiotics are available in powder and capsule form.

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Dietary fiber

Prebiotics is a collective term for non-digestible dietary fiber which onto itself does not have a direct nutritive value. Prebiotics are found in vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals. When your dietary intake of fiber is low, you can easily fix this deficiency by taking prebiotic dietary supplements. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of favorable bacteria in the intestines. This fiber product thus helps maintaining intestinal health.

Repairing intestinal flora

Prebiotics can be considered food for the intestines. The effects of prebiotics tie into those of probiotics, which consist of live bacteria. Look at it this way: Planting 'seeds' (probiotics) on a basis of "manure" (prebiotics) in the garden that is the gut microbiome, is effective, convenient and sensible. Prebiotic fibers pass through the small intestine without being digested. It is only when the dietary fibers reach the colon that they are dissolved and converted into a variety of important substances. This process is also called fermentation.

Fine-tuning your gut microbiota

The intestinal flora can be seen as a control center of the human body. Maintaining a balanced intestinal flora is very important. By eating a healthy, varied diet and optimizing life style factors, you promote growth of good bacteria within the intestinal flora which thus remains optimally diverse. To support your intestinal flora on the road to optimal biodiversity, it may be wise to consider trying dietary supplements containing prebiotics.

Purchasing Prebiotics from Ergomax

Looking for prebiotics? At Ergomax you’re at the right place! We offer both prebiotics and probiotics. For optimal functioning of the intestinal flora, we advise you to try combining these products. Prebiotics providing food for intestinal bacteria and probiotics supply live bacteria. We include a handy Pre- & Probiotics package in our product range. Do you have questions about the use of prebiotics? Do not hesitate contacting us!