Ergomax: Specialist in dietary supplements

Your health. Our Mission. Welcome to Ergomax! Where everything revolves around your health. We believe that everyone should be able to pursue his or her personal optimum. After all, your health is your greatest asset. Fortunately, you can do a lot in that yourself. We help you by researching the latest natural nutritional supplements for various applications. You will find the most effective products in our webshop. We also provide professional advice; our customer service is easily accessible by telephone and via chat.

 We take great care in looking for new, preferably natural, substances and products with a proven effect. Because "Mother Nature" always knows better. Our range also includes many unique niche products. These are products that you will not find anywhere else, but that can offer just the support you need. All our products have been carefully selected, assessed and tested. The expectations of our customers are therefore high. And fortunately we know how to live up to them.

The foundation of Ergomax

In the many animated fraternal discussions about humans and health and the shortcomings in the Dutch supplement and health industry, the first ideas emerged as the foundation for their collaboration. Not long after, in 2007, this led to an inspired and resounding "yes" to the establishment of a new webshop with high-quality nutritional supplements, in which careful advice to the customer was central. The healthy, stubborn and unique webshop Ergomax was born and filled an important gap in the supplement industry. And soon to the great satisfaction of the customer.

Sustainable vision

An important starting point for Ergomax is the sustainable view of people and nature. Even though nature exists independently of humans and is of great value to humans, today it is being exploited more and more unilaterally for the benefit of humans. Ergomax was therefore founded on the belief that there should be a sustainable balance between the well-being of humans and the wealth of original and pure nutrients that nature can provide for humans. This vision is still the guiding principle for the choices and operational management within Ergomax.

A household name for 15 years

It didn't take long for Ergomax to grow from a respected pioneer into an absolute specialist in high-quality nutritional supplements on the Dutch supplement market. Customers from Germany, Belgium and France have now also found their way to our shop. Today, more than 15 years later, the Ergomax team has grown into an enthusiastic group of specialists in the field of health, supplementation, legislation and innovation.

Effective innovative supplements

Ergomax stands for natural health. The range in the webshop is innovative and the supplements are effective and contain pure ingredients. Many of the products come from passionate family businesses or from health specialists with their own supplement lines. Ergomax has also developed its own supplement line under the name Ergomax. What started in 2007 with two relatively unknown products has now grown into a range of more than 30 exceptional products with special ingredients, such as kefir probiotics, collagen hydrolysate and palmitoylethanolamide OptiPEA®.

Professional advice and customer contact

Finally, it is important for Ergomax that all internal knowledge benefits the health of the customer. That means sharing the vision and current knowledge, and offering transparency about the nature and origin of products and ingredients. So that the customer knows what he is buying. This is reflected not only in a very informative website, but also in a committed and specialized team. The Ergomax team is 100% committed to the customer every day and customers rate Ergomax no less than 9.3!