Ergomax: Specialist in dietary supplements

Ergomax: Specialist in dietary supplements

We believe that everyone should be able to pursue their personal best. We can help by offering the latest effective and organic nutritional supplements in combination with inspiring and comprehensive advice.

We do this by constantly monitoring the cutting edge of research, innovation and product launches. Our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tested. As pioneers we seek to challenge ourselves continuously across various fields and disciplines.

Being specialists, our product range includes many unique niche products. Moreover, we are able to focus on, and thus excel in, personal customer contact.

Familie Zonneveld in Beverwijk - 1926-1927
The very "beginning" of Ergomax in the years 1926-1927. Our great-grandparents had a grocery store on the Jan Alsweg 16 in Beverwijk

Ergomax: a company built on the solid basis of a resounding YES! Curiosity, inspiration and drive are the keywords. The first supplements were literally sent from a garage box. Founded in 2007 by Dutch brothers Samuel and Paul Zonneveld, the company soon grew out to be an esteemed pioneer on the Dutch supplements market. Innovation, expert knowledge, attention to sustainability and a genuine interest in the end user: you!

Wanting to contribute to the enhancement of lived lives in a very general sense, the two brothers started out by noticing shortcomings in the Dutch market. Samuel acquired a wealth of knowledge working at a U.S. nutritional supplements company, especially about 'novel' products and ongoing developments within the industry. This information resonated with his background in strength training and physiology, informing his search for new insights to date.

Phase one was Ergomax’s founding in 2007, with Samuel and Paul initially specializing in beta-alanine, a now widely used ergogenic sports supplement but hitherto unavailable in the Netherlands. After its successful introduction on the Dutch market, including partnership with 'De Tuinen' (a nationwide chain of health food stores), Ergomax’s focus has since widened to often little known supplement products with a wide scope of nervous system applications. The latter include R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid, Palmitoylethanolamide and Agmatine Sulfate.

Paul's background in communication management sciences has turned out a perfect complement to Samuel’s product-specific knowledge. Paul’s specializing in the ever-developing area of online communication provided a solid foundation from which Ergomax was able to grow rapidly.

Satisfying his fascination for human physiology, Paul studied physiotherapy. Building experience in care services for the disabled, he was increasingly struck by ever-expanding bureaucracy in the field, putting budgets before individual wellbeing throughout the sector. This has had a significant impact on the thinking of Ergomax.

Samuel and Paul continue to be intrigued, indeed on a daily basis, by developments and new opportunities within and beyond the dietary supplement scene. The biological complexity and diversity of organic and minimally processed products and of exceptional natural compounds have become a particular focal point. As they like to say, "Mother Nature always knows best."

Given this holistic perspective on people and environment, sustainability is a key dimension of Ergomax’s approach. For Samuel and Paul, sustainability means that thinking and acting are always primarily oriented toward taking into account the complex and long-term interface between (wo)man and nature.

Our team includes experienced and specialized staff spanning the areas of health, law and development.

The team is 100% committed to assist Ergomax clients on a daily basis. Browse at your leisure and be inspired!