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Green Pasture

Green Pasture is a family business that supplies liver oil products of very high quality and wants to offer them as our ancestors already used them. In our assortment you will find fermented cod liver oil products from Green Pasture. Fermented cod liver oil is available in capsules, liquid and in gel form. Green Pasture also offers different flavors of fermented cod liver oil. Contact us at any time for questions about which cod liver oil suits you best before placing an order.

Green Pasture: Traditional recipes

Cod liver oil is an oil extracted from fish liver. The fermenting of the fish liver is an ancient process focused on keeping all healthy nutrients intact. Green Pasture is the only company to honor this age-old traditional method, which makes that fermentation can take up to 6 months. Only in this way all the key nutrients of cod liver oil are being retained.

Green Pasture is in fact the only company offering fermented cod liver oil. Fermented cod liver oil is extracted from fish livers without exposure to heat. This feature retains vitamins and other nutrients. Regular cod liver oil is widely produced industrially. During the latter process, natural vitamins are removed from the oil. Just before the end of the production process synthetic vitamins are added back in, so as to compensate for the loss of vitamins. In contrast, Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil is produced the natural way: entirely without synthetic additives.

Blue Ice royal

For optimal effects fermented cod liver oil and butter oil are best combined. Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal provides a powerful combination of fermented cod liver oil and nutritious butter oil. It contains two thirds of Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil and one third of Factor Gold High-Vitamin Butter Oil. High-Vitamin Butter Oil is cold-processed. At Green Pasture cows are treated well and kept in an all-natural way, rendering their milk rich in all key nutrients. As a result, it contains high amounts of Activator X, as well as vitamin K and CLA.

Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil

Ergomax specializes in exclusive nutritional supplements. You will find only fermented cod liver oil in our range as only fermentation offers a natural product. Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil is available in capsule and liquid forms. Because cod liver oil is known for its strong flavor, Green Pasture offers fermented cod liver oil in chocolate, cinnamon and mint flavors. Easily mix the liquid form into a drink, shake or custard of choice. Going for capsules? Then you have no strong flavor to worry about.