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Enzymes support digestive functions in our body in running optimally: they are the body's workhorses, essential for our survival and for digestion of the food we eat. Without enzymes, many nutrients cannot be absorbed into our bodies and we would not be able to feed the latter. Enzymes accelerate intracellular processes up to a trillion times faster. Processes that would otherwise take thousands of years now take place in just a few seconds. If you are looking to help your digestion, be sure to check out Doctor's Best digestive enzymes. Are you looking for enzymes working in the body beyond the digestive system? Consider Doctor's Best serrapeptase.

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What are enzymes?

Enzymes are involved in almost all conversions of substances in nature. Enzymes are proteins that support, accelerate and control chemical reactions. The body produces the right enzymes needed to digest food. As a result, everyone has a specific composition of enzymes. In addition to eating raw vegetables to get enzymes, the body itself can also produce enzymes. Vitamins are needed for this process to take place

Enzymes supplement

There are three types of digestive enzymes that can help with the breakdown of; proteins, fat and starch. Proteases are enzymes that break down proteins. Lipasen is responsible for breaking down fats and finally Amylasen enzymes that break down carbohydrates. Depending on your goal, you can therefore make a specific choice and start working with a supplement. Think of digestive enzymes for optimizing digestion or GutZyme assist for the breakdown of gluten, proteins and fat.

Serrepeptase enzyme

Serrapeptase is a powerful and special enzyme that is isolated from the intestinal bacteria of the Japanese silkworm. Serrapeptase has vascular-specific properties and influences blood flow. The Serrapeptase from Doctor's Best has a Serrateric ™ coating for optimal absorption so that the enzymes are released in the intestines and not in the stomach.