Digestive Enzymes

  • Full spectrum of 16 digestive enzymes
  • Digestion & intestinal flora
  • Contains probiotics
  • Effective and safe to use
  • 90 vegetable capsules
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Digestive enzymes by Doctor's Best

Doctor's Best Digestive Enzymes is a complete formula with a full spectrum of no less than 16 digestive enzymes supplemented with probiotic bacteria. Digestive enzymes help break down carbohydrates, fiber, fats and proteins into the useable units of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids, respectively. Doctor's Best formula also contains specific enzymes, such as alpha-galactosidase and beta-glucanase. These help digest vegetables, beans, and grains.


  • Unique formula with a full spectrum of digestive enzymes
  • Contains probiotics
  • Does not contain gluten; GMO-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians

16 different digestive enzymes with probiotics

Digestive enzymes in supplement form are safe to use. As we age, the production of enzymes may decrease. Lifestyle factors may also play a role. This complete digestive enzyme formula from Doctor's Best contains:

Support for the breakdown of carbohydrates and fiber

  • Alpha-galactosidase - This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates such as raffinose and stachyose. These oligosaccharides are common in raw vegetables, beans and legumes.
  • Amylase - This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates such as starch and glycogen. Glycogen is a polysaccharide of glucose stored as a reserve fuel in the muscles and liver.
  • Beta Glucanase - This essential enzyme breaks down the beta form of glucose compounds found in whole grains such as barley, oats and wheat.
  • Cellulase - This enzyme aids in the release of nutrients in fruits and vegetables through the breakdown of plant fibers or cellulose.
  • Glucoamylase - This enzyme complements the effect of hemicellulase and breaks down polysaccharides in plant foods. It breaks down starch into glucose.
  • Hemicellulase - This enzyme breaks down hemicellulose, a series of carbohydrates, polysaccharides, found in plant foods.
  • Invertase - This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates, and primarily aids in the digestion of sucrose, also known as table sugar.
  • Lactase - This enzyme breaks down lactose (milk sugar) from milk and other dairy products into galactose and glucose.
  • Phytase - The enzyme phytase breaks down vegetable carbohydrates. It mainly breaks down phytic acid from nuts, grains, seeds and leafy green vegetables, which means that minerals in plant foods are released and better absorbed.
  • Xylanase - This enzyme is a subtype of the enzyme hemicellulase and breaks down soluble fiber from foods

Support for the digestion of proteins

  • Bromelain - This family of proteolytic enzymes derives from the stem of the pineapple plant. It breaks down proteins into amino acids.
  • Papain - This proteolytic enzyme is extracted from unripe papaya and breaks down proteins into amino acids.
  • Protease - Proteases are enzymes that break down protein complexes and convert them into amino acids.

Support for the digestion of fats

  • Lipase - Lipase is the main enzyme that breaks down fats into fatty acids. Lipase hydrolyses triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol molecules, making sure fats are better utilized in the body.


  • Micro-organism Bacillus subtilis - This formula is supplemented with probiotic organisms.

Quantum effects of enzymes

Enzymes do essential work throughout our body. They are catalysts for biochemical reactions inside cells and can accelerate these processes up to a trillion times. How does this work? Enzymes make use of what in quantum mechanics is called the tunneling effect. A particle passes through a barrier. Imagine it like this: the particle doesn't have enough energy to go over a high mountain, but it can teleport itself through a kind of tunnel. It disappears on one side of the mountain and reappears on the other side at the same time. Without tunneling, enzymes would never be able to accelerate chemical reactions to the extent that they do.

About Doctor's Best

Doctor's Best was founded by a physician in 1990 because of his interest in the scientific basis of wholesome nutrition. The company produces over 200 high-quality nutritional supplements. All products are made from branded raw materials and are carefully tested during every step of the production process, from raw material to finished product. Production takes place on the strict basis of Current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (cGMP). Doctor's Best works with nutrition scientists worldwide to find new, tested ingredients. This results in high-quality end products, developed according to the latest scientific insights.

Standardized brand products

In its products Doctor's Best almost exclusively uses proprietary and standardized brand materials of official trademarks that have been extensively researched. The authenticity of these ingredients is guaranteed in all products. Doctor's Best never uses alternatives. This results in a qualitatively superior line of supplements with very high bioavailability.

More Information
Product Name
Digestive Enzymes
Doctors Best
90 capsules
User Instructions

Take 1 capsule with each meal or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients per Serving

Digestive Enzymes Blend: 20,000 DU amylase blend (2 strains), 95,000 HUT protease SP plus blend (4 strains), 250 DPP-IV dipeptidyl peptidase IV, 50 GDU bromelain, 5,000,000 FCC PU papain, 100 INVU invertase, 3,250 CU cellulase .65 BGU beta-glucanase, 500 GaIU alpha-galactosidase, 750 HCU hemicellulase, 650 XU xylanase, 10 FTU phytase, 50 AGU glucoamylase, 3000 FIP lipase, 1000 ALU lactase, 1 billion CFU Bacillus subtilis.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Modified cellulose (vegetable capsule).

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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